5 Best Web Design Trends

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Blogs

Designing the web is an art. The broad umbrella term ‘Web Design’ relates to whatever it takes to make a website, including animation, graphics, and motion pictures. But the ones with the incredible web designs are mostly in demand and notice by a broad audience.

However, the problem with the new trends and patterns in web design is that they leave as speedily as they come, and it can be troublesome to tell which style to follow. For instance, you have invested a lot of time and effort into incorporating a particular style into your brand guidelines, to discover that this style is already out of date.

2020 is about to end soon, and the IT industry is gearing up to welcome some ultra-modern layout styles. Let us look at the trends that are all set to take over the web designing market.

Vibrant and Saturated Color Schemes

Now the trend is coming that is to be more experimental and braver with the selection of colors. Moreover, the use of headers that are not horizontal is also in trend nowadays. Designers are getting more into trying hard angles and slashes in their designs that are significantly supported by technological advances.

However, monitors and other device screens produce rich colors that can attract the audience.

Particle Background Solutions

A particle background is a practical and useful option. These particles add to any performance issues with the website having a video background.

In JavaScript, web designers use lightweight animations. It enables motion that acts as a natural part of the context. The loading time does not affect this either.

It is a well-known fact that an image can speak more than a thousand words. Similarly, particle backgrounds often immediately draw users’ attention, which enables the brands to create a more unforgettable and instant impression. Motion graphics, particularly on social media, are becoming more common for users as it provides an eye-popping lead back to its landing page.


Mobile Browsing First

Mobile browsing is effective. Browsing and online shopping is increasing these days as almost most shops on their smartphones. And because of Covid, this trend has been improved a lot.

It was not possible in the past, as designers did not have a proper sub-menu or even a small-screen menu. Mobile web design has evolved, and for a smaller view, the menu has been minimizing. In the mobile edition, images and photographs have been crop to match.

There is much more use of icons now, which is also economical in terms of space. Users have no difficulty accepting these improvements, and the problems with UX are address in better ways. Identifying the fix with micro-interactions helped to get direct feedback on the users’ actions.


Using Custom Illustrations

The proper use of illustrations is more in trend now as it is a versatile way to create a playful website that is user friendly. Adding an essential element of fun to the site has been increased by web artists. They make illustrations that are full of personality.

These custom photographs and drawings are in the brand’s exact tone and help draw more viewers. Strategically designed and used diagrams make the brand and the web more available to consumers.


Use of Bold Typography

Typography is a powerful tool in web designing. It provides an opportunity for the designer to give personality to the website. Moreover, it sets the right tone on the website and, at the same time, delivers essential information successfully. The latest technological development device resolutions are easier to read and to work with. It has promoted the use of more custom fonts.

Now that the designer can create complex comparisons, large letters, contrasting sans serif, and serif headings are in vogue. It also enhances UX, and the most critical aspect is that it keeps your visitors engaged with your website’s content. The headers are the leading SEO elements, particularly for web pages. It helps to scan the readers’ eyes by ordering the details needed.

The designers are using innovative typefaces to take full advantage of this



In the coming year, some of these patterns might be recent, but web developers are still experimenting with some of them and trying to provide the best user experience on an ongoing basis. Designers are actively working to build the best experience for mobile devices and desktop websites, and these latest webs develop trends that are sure to play an essential role along the way.

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