5 Essential Inbound Marketing Tools For Entrepreneurs

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Blogs

Entrepreneurs have to face unique challenges when they are thinking of promoting their solutions in a digital environment. The days of making incredible material, paying for ads, and then sitting back on your chair to get better results are over. For startups and entrepreneurs, here are five critical inbound marketing resources.

Display Your Competence with Downloadable Written Material

With the help of long-form written content, you can deliver significant value to your prospects. The advantage of free written content is that visitors must subscribe to your email list to access it. Instead, if your content is excellent and easy to absorb, prospects would see you as a trustworthy supplier and accept your services while comparing your brand to other choices.

Try producing content that separates you from the rest. For instance, many writing guides are out there, but maybe not many give detailed advice on crafting an efficient hook.

Convey Your Ideas with Powerful Animation

With the help of creating videos for your brand, you can present yourself as a useful and knowledgeable provider. A very flexible approach is to add videos to your marketing toolkit. Your video will include perspectives, tips, and tricks on your brand-related subjects. There are several types of videos you can create to follow prospects during any stage of their purchasing path.

Creating enjoyable and informative videos tailored to a social media platform is a great way to generate interactions and shares. It will help you distinguish your ideas and strategies from those of other brands by getting this content on your landing pages and social media accounts.

Launch Social Media Promotions and Offers

Social media presence is an essential component if you are thinking of starting your business. Social media aims to build a strong relationship and trust with their prospects. 

By keeping them up with your news and significant announcements, you can use social media to give your fans preferential treatment.

You can also provide value with special promotions and offers, such as discounts, coupons, and promo codes.

Entice Visitor with Optimized Landing Pages

A landing page is a perfect place to showcase your content in full detail and illustrate your ideas. In general, landing pages should be very descriptive and direct to communicate what your product or service is about.

Focus on clear goals when you design one. Inform your visitors of your value proposition that can be done for them and what steps they can take to learn more. 

To run successful social media promotions and offers, you first need to define your goals

Although promotions are very efficient in attracting new customers, you can also use repeated promotional cycles to reach your current customers and promote retention.

The trick is not to start promotions for their own sake but to recognize specific marketing holes and build targeted promotions and deals to tackle them.

Time to Get Started

You need to work on your social media platforms because those are the places where users will most likely first hear about your brand.

Offer your followers an entertaining but insightful video to promote your promotions and giveaways on those channels and make them feel unique.

Be sure to have customized landing pages and a benefit you can give them for free, such as an eBook, when users decide to pay you a visit to your website.

These tools, together, will allow you to navigate your first online business experience successfully.


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