7 Best ETL Tools for Your Business

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ELT is an abbreviation of Extract, Transform, and Load. ELT is the set of tools that enables the users to extract data from a source, transform it to the correct format, and then store it into your data storage. The tools help manage the data, schedule timeframe, or set up a trigger that starts the round.
Having data in your data warehouse is most crucial as it helps in timely reporting, management, keeping records, and using data for decision making. Having proper tools for extracting and managing data is vital for any business. An analytics report by Deloitte includes a study investigating companies about how data analytics has accommodated them. 55% of respondents declared that data analytics legally or significantly improved their competitive positioning.

Selecting the Right ETL Tool

Before selecting ETL tools, you have to identify the needs and requirements. You have to determine the following points while getting ETL tools for your business:
Price of ETL tools
How much data you need to be processed
Highlighted features of the tool
Do you really require ETL or not

Let’s find out the best ETL tools for your business:

1. Alooma

Video Credit: Alooma


If you are running a small business and require the handling of small amounts of data and Alooma would be the best choice. This ETL tool is easy to use, scalable, and smart. This tool can adjust the flow of data as your organization grows and data increases. Alooma helps in making quick changes according to the alteration in your data.

2. ETLrobot

This tool is your personal robot that helps you to extract, transform, and load your data to your data warehouse within accurate timing. This tool is mots affordable one, and you can use it even if you are working with a small business. The best part is that this tool works 24/7, which means that it doesn’t stop working even if you are not working.
Using and setting up this tool is pretty simple and easy. You just have to distinguish how you want your data to be moved, and it’ll do it for you.

3. Talend

Video Source: Talend

Talend is the most reliable ETL tool for revealing how to raise revenue and save money. This tool concentrates on helping businesses finding out ways to increase revenue and saving money. Your business needs the best available data to operate. Talend helps in getting you the best available data that are in high-quality and real-time so that you get all the data-driven qualities.

4. Blendo

All of the peers in the business world are familiar with trial and error processes. Sometimes we are not sure about the best option until we try all of them. If you are not using proper data, then you are not going to have the best results. With the help of this amazing ETL tool Blendo, the real-time data analysis is simple and quick. With this tool, real-time data is checked, and it identifies trial and error to create a streamlined process for your business.

5. Etleap

Video Source: Etleap

This ETL specializes in Amazon Web Services, enabling you to establish your personal Virtual Private Cloud and manage your data to your precise stipulations. Etleap comprises all the data interpretation tools you require to get your company going. The tool will save your time and energy, and get the advantages of your newfound data.

6. Informatica

Informatica is an amazing ETL tool that can handle 15 trillion cloud transactions per month. This tool is considered as one of the best ELT tools for businesses. Informatica uses AI to enhance the company’s data. This program helps businesses stay on top and make real-time decisions that help keep the companies standout amongst compititors.

7. Pentaho Platform

Video Credit: Pentaho, A Hitachi Group Company

If you are looking for transparency in data, then the Pentaho Platform is created to help you out. Pentaho Platform is Hitachi’s data administration and analytics application for businesses. Data increases clarity and increases trust, which helps in customer retention and ultimate growth.


Data is an important aspect of businesses. If you want to fit in the business world, then you have to use the data. As technology is getting advanced by every passing day, businesses will have to adapt data usage. There are several ETL tools that help to manage your data. We have talked about seven of the best ETL for the relevancy and management of your business data.

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