7 Best Tools to Create a Highly Productive Work Environment

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Blogs

A lot of factors contribute to influencing your productivity. Yet, there’s nothing more impactful than your job environment. It can influence your decision making, attitude, and even your physical health, after all. Your work environment and conditions must be optimized to boost your productivity. 

To help you out. Here are some tools that will help you to create a productive work environment by encouraging effective task management and team collaboration


ProofHub is one of the best online project planning software. With the help of this, all the teams can work together in time and in a smarter way. Moreover, it has all the essential tools that are required by your team to be productive and stay on top of work. 

It also provides you with different features as well like online proofing, team announcement, and a built-in chat interface. A project management software will assist the team to be on the same page and conduct their duties to achieve the desired outcomes.



Zapier helps you build processes and automation into your business like a programmer without having to learn to code. Moreover, it connects the apps that you are using daily like Gmail and slack to make your workflow more efficient. This app lets you save your time and lessens the chance of documents slipping through the cracks. 


Task management becomes easier if you are having this app on your system. Now you no longer have to remember tasks and their due dates as this app lets you transfer everything onto to-do lists. Thus, rather than recalling what lies next on your job schedule, you can channel your energy on performing tasks.

In addition to that, you can also build subtasks for a task, add feedback, prioritize, and monitor task-related activities, and conveniently show all such details in the Task view.


Slack is among the popular tools that work best to make team collaboration successful in any organization. When many people are working together on a shared project, remaining in the loop is of the utmost importance and Slack is just the ideal tool to make this possible. With the help of this tool, you can stay connected with your team members wherever you are. 

One of the things that make slack ideal to use is the flexibility it offers in terms of communication. You can also have the option of audio and video conferencing. Also, file sharing is supported by the tool, you can send documents, PDFs, photos, videos, and more to your teammates without any trouble.


Dropbox provides you with an organized way to keep your designs, documents, and work-related files together. It also provides you with a safe space where all your work can be brought together.

Now it is easy for you to create files and edit them directly within dropbox. You may also choose individuals with whom you want to share your work and collaborate seamlessly. Dropbox document, which lets you build and share project schedules, to-do lists, etc., is another function that you can find useful while working with your team.


Now in just a single click, you can track time for a task. In this way, you can maximize your productivity at the workplace. You can stop worrying about time management when you have toggl installed on your system. 

Data is kept on a safe server all the time and you can get accurate time reports to determine which projects/tasks take too long to finish. If you want a tool that lets you see how your work hours are spent by you and other members of your team, then Toggl is just the perfect option.


A Gantt chart based tool that helps you to manage tasks as well as your projects in a productive way. Now you can smartly manage resources of your project on a timeline view. You can also set the length of the task and establish dependencies on the Gantt chart between tasks. 

Additionally, if teamwork is what bothers you the most, GanttPRO is a fantastic tool to use. Some features that you can appreciate when working in a team are attaching task files, inserting comments, getting notification for task activities.


Some tools can help you out, whether you are a boss who wants to lead staff and push projects towards completion or an employer who needs to complete all the assigned tasks before due time. From the ones mentioned earlier, choose an effective management platform and begin handling your office work as an expert.

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