7 Tools To Build Team Culture Remotely

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Blogs

Covid-19 has persuaded all the businesses, whether small or big, to start working remotely. Businesses are working from home for a couple of months, and they have adapted this new change. While things are getting back on track, and businesses tend to go back to the normal, many small businesses are thinking to operate remotely permanently.

Working remotely is beneficial in various ways; it helps cut the cost of rents, electricity bills, resource management, caretakers, fuel, and much more. In such a case, small businesses can save a lot of money to build their business stronger and more productive.

Thankfully, there are several tools ideally befitted to hold everyone on your team joined and on record. Several remote workers use some of these tools, while others have evolved with the need for time. So, let us find you the perfect tool for team management.

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A Guru is a fabulous place to gather and store knowledge about your business. This tool is collaborative in nature and tends to manage information by editing directly through the employees. This can provide your team with a sense of authority over their role, increasing assurance and trust along the way.


Slack is one of the most popular platforms that help in keeping teams connected. It is a messaging-based platform that keeps all the employees connected. You can create a thread to share ideas with your entire team. This is an easy way to make different channels and assign the projects to specific team members by adding them to that channel. You can even communicate with your team individually by sending them messages in their inbox.

A standout feature of Slack is the feature to set active hours. Operate with your team to establish practical working hours, then help them to regard those on their Slack profiles. Doing this guarantees that everyone is working simultaneously, producing the much-needed spirit of “office hours” in digital performance.

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Shared Calendar

Working time is an essential element when working remotely. It is important that every team member is working in coordination with time. Shared Calendar is a great help in scheduling deadlines, managing meetings, and doing tasks. This tool helps in streamlining your business needs. If you want to use this tool, you have to give everyone access so that no one feels left out and everyone could keep track of timings.

Zoom Professional

Utilize a Zoom Professional account for your company. Face-to-face communication is more efficient than transmission via a chat or phone call, and if you can’t attend meetings in person, video conferences are the way to go. With something like Zoom Professional in place, you will take meetings with as much human connection as possible for remote employees.

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Project Management Software

Assure that everyone is concentrated on the appropriate tasks at the appropriate time with project management software. There are an abundance of choices available, so cautiously eye the business to understand what serves best for you and your team. Eventually, you want something that most closely matches your in-office project management process while still increasing remote abilities.

Google Drive

One of the simplest but effective tools is Google Drive. A significant loss in remote work can be the capacity to work collaboratively in real-time. Using Google Drive can rebuild your team’s expertise to work on the same document, spreadsheet, or slide show simultaneously. Various people can have the file accessible at once, and each person’s edits and explanations are assigned a unique color, so you know who is giving the feedback. Additionally, Google Drive blends easily into numerous of the additional tools you can use to keep your company together while working remotely. It also works as Cloud backup for your primary files, ensuring that everything is available no matter wherever your partners are working.

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By using something like WooBoard you are allowed to support team members, even when you can’t encourage them in person. Positive reinforcement increases employee proficiency. When your team understands that you appreciate their hard work, they’re going to work better. Being able to share in each other’s achievements makes working together with a more positive experience for all.


New tools are rising up every day that are designed to accommodate your team. What it intends to work collectively is evolving, and using some or all of these tools will assist you in remaining a cohesive, productive team — no matter where you are.

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