Best Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement for Your Brand

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Blogs

Social Media is a great tool that helps us in collaborating and engaging with our audience. Companies now are strategizing on improving their electronic media appearance and enhancing the engagement to get maximum audience.
Social Media engagement usually refers to the number of likes, shares, and comments we get on social media posts or blogs. The engagement also means the number of times a post gets retweeted, and conversation thread under the posts.

Getting the audiences’ attention is the number one goal that every organization wants. If your audience is engaged, it means that they have an interest in your brand and you will target them and convert them into your potential audience.

Capturing an audience’s interest is the fundamental goal of any marketing activity. An engaged audience means a continued interest in the brand, with the ultimate goal of capturing their purse strings and converting them into a customer.

Today, we are fortunate to be able to quantify this “interest” in the form of likes, favorites, retweets, comments, and shares on any given piece of static content. A call to action button follows the posts, blogs, photos, and images under, it is easier for the audience to engage promptly.

Now the question arises that how this engagement can be enhanced and used properly? Let’s find out the best tips and tricks to tackle customer engagement.

Incorporate images in your posts

Adding visual content to your posts will increase social media engagement. According to the research, an image can increase the interaction by up to 85% while the number of shares per post increases by 35%.
Images play an important role in making the audience interact with the posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. There are platforms that are specifically dedicated to pictures such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Ask For It

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There are posts that ask several questions such as, “what do think?”, “do you agree?”. People answer such questions for fun without thinking too much about a certain thing. Such questions are interactive, and they allow you to get maximum engagement.
However, make sure to interact with the audience back in the same manner so that the engagement keeps on increasing.

Make it funny

People love funny posts, and it is not only about comedy such posts actually give humor and personality to your brand and products. Fun posts are creative and that innovation attracts more audience and people to interact. The more you add humorous content, the more it will get shared and liked. However, make sure not to add irrelevant content and take care of PG content.

Increase social media engagement


Social Media is a great way that can take your audience directly to your website and make them your potential customers. Keep your audience updated with the informative content about your business, products, discounts, and new arrivals. Social Media is the way to interact with the people and it can be a great tool when it comes to customer engagement.

Paid Influencer Marketing

This is an era of influencers, and paid marketing works best to get more customer interactions. Usually, you send the PR package to any of the most popular influencers on social media and pay them to say positive words about your brand and products. This strategy works wonderfully in targeting the right audience and getting improved social media interaction.


Have you ever tried to get free stuff? Well, everyone loves to get something worthy free of cost. And that is the best ever strategy that can bring a lot of audience to you. Announcing a giveaway will allow you to get most of the customer engagement on the posts. As to win the giveaway prize, the audience has to get engaged with your social media pages and posts. Make sure to play safe and provide the best giveaway with premium quality, as this could be your win-win situation.

Post Regularly

Last but not least, the best way to keep interacting with the audience is to post daily. Do not just post a day and then forget about reposting as it can result in loss of customers’ interest. Daily posting will help your audience get the required information, and it will help you target the right customers and understand their needs.

Bottom Line

A single post on social media can help you in getting a lot of popularity with the right content and engagement. I this article, we have discussed the right way to get maximum engagement on a social media platform that can help your business in growth and development.
If you are looking for promoting your business through social media platforms, then feel free to contact us. The team at Ropstam ensures that you get all the potential engagement for the growth of your business.

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