Coding From Home? Here is how You Stay Productive

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Blogs

As a programmer, you have to do research, test potential solutions until you reach the point where you are happy with your work. Then you move towards the process of debugging and optimizing. Nowadays, many software organizations offer programmers the option to be coding from home. Moreover, some developers choose to freelance because of hectic schedules. Also, they look for the projects they want to work on. 

In this blog, we have listed down the ways that will help you to stay productive at home. 

Establish your work area

Try your best to set up your office area at home. Your office area should not include any distracting devices such as TV, games, or any material that distract you from your work. Set up blinders, curtains, or display boards behind your computer to stop the view of laundry or dishes, anything that will make you think, Oh, that’ll only take a couple of minutes. 

Moreover, limit the background noise that will make it hard for you to focus. You can also dull the sound with the help of earplugs and increasing the volume on your headphones. 

Maintain a Daily Schedule

Make a proper schedule of yours and try to stick to it. It is also important to align your schedule with whom you are living. Others in your family need to know where, and vice versa, you should be left alone to get your job done. In this respect, exchanging work calendars with your family can prove to be very beneficial. Although we can’t see the particulars of the job activities of each other, we know the general time blocks during which to restrict interruptions.

Use Timers to avoid rabbit holes

Most of the programmers stay extremely persistent. They cannot see a problem go unsolved once they have started working on it. This can lead you to rabbit holes which can be a huge time consuming if you are working from home.

Set a timer of 30 to 45 minutes to solve the particular problem. Once the timer goes off, check your messages or emails that are urgent. These scheduled breaks mimic the interruptions in a physical workplace that inevitably occur when a colleague might walk around your desk and ask what you’re up to.

Prioritize team channels over direct messages

You need the discipline to keep the knowledge flowing as much as you can to the right audience while operating remotely. A lot of communication happens effortlessly, you might cross paths with a coworker in the hall or pass by their desk on the way to the kitchen. When it comes to messages on slack, use team channels instead of messaging a person directly. In that way, the whole team will receive the benefits of your conversation. 

It is a much better way of communicating while working from home. This makes it possible for you to have insights that you may not have otherwise considered thinking about, and it shows others (including your manager) that you are actively involved with work.

However, you can maintain a direct line with your manager and update him at least once a day. Since you do not want to promote micromanaging, you don’t have to be extremely detailed. But sharing the stuff you are currently working on and your progress on those tasks (especially unplanned ones) is valuable. Your boss will be unable to balance the workload around the team without details on what you’re doing, or even offload certain tasks completely to another team.

Set Achievable Goals for the next day

At the end of the day look at what you have achieved and then brainstorm tasks for the next day. Select one or two goals that you want to achieve. Doing this will motivate you to accomplish them. But preferably do this at the end of the day. 


The key to achieving the best results at coding from home is moderation. Find opportunities to get the best results from practice in the home office.

If you are the one doing coding from home then try the above-mentioned ways to stay productive during the whole day. Staying focused, determined, and maintaining a positive attitude can help you achieve your daily task. 


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