Content Strategy Not Working? Here are the Reasons Why

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Blogs

Content strategy is the ongoing process of translating company goals and priorities into a plan. Content is the primary means to attain those goals. There are, of course, a lot of people out there who write, design, and create content. Content strategy means someone steps back and asks, “What are we supposed to make, and why? The content writers should include content that reflects medium and form. In the background of the target demographic that you want to meet, it also needs to make sense. For instance, we want to contact the content teams, SEO teams, and digital marketers at Market Muse. 

As a way of attracting new consumers without relying on conventional “drive” advertising tactics, content is vital for companies today. Digital content enables future clients to organically discover and engage with you. They find you and dig deeper at their leisure, as they look for topics and ideas important to what they want to do or know.

Today, we see everyone making content, and over 70% of advertisers are also currently investing in content marketing on a scale. But the sad thing is not all these advertisers are happy with the results they see. Despite all the efforts done by content writers, many still see their content lost somewhere in the middle of a deep dark digital void. 

Let me tell you about the reasons why your content strategy is not working. How can you make it work? and how can you fix the strategy to succeed. 

It is too Ambitious

if your content strategy is too demanding and it sounds forceful then it will be of no value. It won’t be effective with your marketing tactics and abilities. If your marketing plan doesn’t succeed because it’s too demanding, then take a step back from it and look at the various content that you make and share. The content is the most powerful of those?

The content that stands out from the rest, the content that your audience embraced, is what you are looking for here. Check for the material that is the least successful after you have established that. Once you have established what kind of content works best for your market, produce more content that is similar to it and avoids creating content that doesn’t work.

It is Incomplete

Your content strategy should not be like a puzzle. Like you are combining material from 9 different places with no clear goals. The objectives identified in it are not clear enough then it will not be effective. Your content strategy needs to include:

  • Your audience description
  • Goals
  • Webpage content
  • Opt-ins
  • Sales funnels
  • Blog posts (or some other format for regularly published content)
  • Social media posts
  • Metrics
  • Personalization

If all of these variables are missing, your content strategy, in the long run, will probably not be as successful. 

Not analyzed properly

This is a move often ignored by business owners when designing or revising their content plan.

If you don’t look at your figures and see how they relate to your content plan, you don’t use them to their full benefit and you don’t validate your method.

Knowing what people on your website are looking at will help you decide which kind of content is popular with your audience. Knowing how people come to your site will tell you which social media network you can concentrate on or how well you are doing your SEO efforts.

Because You Aren’t Tracking Content or Wasting Your Data

In today’s world, data is imperative and you have to make good use of the data that you need to develop your content strategy. You simply take the guess-based approach if you don’t back up your content strategy with the details. And that won’t get you too far.

You must track each piece of content and know the numbers so that your content is not only formulated but also improvised accordingly. 

Go in with a plan

Let’s assume that you want to go to a new concert venue in the nearest major city to you.

You wouldn’t have left home without a map (or a GPS), would you? A policy on content should operate the same way. It’s your guide online, so try not to enter the online world without one, and make sure it’s in tip-top shape.


The right content strategy lets you develop your brand, make it accessible to your viewers, increase consumer confidence, increase conversion rates, and even close sales.


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