Different Ways to Use Employee Feedback Software at Your Workplace

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Blogs

Happy and fulfilled employee will always help to increase the efficiency of the organization along with business growth.

However, running a company of multiple workers is certainly not an easy task to do. Apart from managing a business or organization, managing employees is another essential duty for the owner. Today, you can easily manage your employees without the need of investing extra resources and efforts.

Maintaining employee feedback will help you to understand them better. How you use employee feedback defines the growth of your employees and your company.

Here are some alternate ways to make use of your office’s worker recommendation software program.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

An employee satisfaction survey can be conducted to assess the satisfaction level of employees in the workplace. The easy way to conduct these surveys is through employee feedback software.

These surveys cover the following feedback questions including about job, the workplace, and the manager. Moreover, employees’ perceptions about the company’s policies and job security can be identified with the help of these surveys. A survey helps build a motivated workforce and a healthy culture of work.

Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys are different from other normal surveys. A pulse employee survey is a quick survey that you can conduct weekly or every few weeks.

These surveys help the organizations to take information regarding employees’ engagement satisfaction and work culture. The data gathered through pulse surveys help the organizations to map out the latest trends and patterns. This practice adds to the productivity of workers and maximum satisfaction.


Culture Surveys

The culture of the organization matters a lot for employees. It helps them to fit themselves in the organization environment.

On another note, the organization’s culture plays an important role in making an organization a milestone. Moreover, business decisions, policies action and goals are affected by it. The culture trends and patterns keep on changing with time. To determine the views of workers about the corporate culture, the company needs to perform cultural surveys.

These surveys will help you to get a clear picture of the internal structures, skills, and qualities that affect the management’s help of the organization.

Cafeteria Surveys

Food and different facilities make any organization a great source for strengthening the bond between employees. So, the organization needs to conduct regular cafeteria feedback among its employees to get an idea about the quality of food, taste, hygiene, and the availability of food products.

It seems a bit uncomfortable now to forward cafeteria email surveys at the office. So, in your cafeteria, you can set up a simple Kiosk Survey System to prevent this. This will help you collect immediate workers’ reviews about your cafeteria in real-time.

Amenities Surveys

There are numerous other facilities on which you must receive input from employees. Amenities Surveys should be undertaken to help monitor the views of employees. These surveys cover feedback on various areas including:

  • Washroom.
  • Cleanliness of workspace.
  • Stationaries provided.
  • Hygiene at the workplace.
  • Medical facilities.

This helps you to gather input data in real-time and enhance your other facilities and amenities to make your workspace a welcoming zone.

Exit Surveys

The loss of a hardworking employee is very stressing, but it is the best opportunity for an organization to collect genuine feedback from the departing employee. Conduct an Exit Survey to obtain an in-depth understanding of the views and experiences of the workers about the workplace, business practices, work culture, job scope, etc.


However, one of the best methods for measuring the success of workers from time to time is regular employee feedback surveys. The different ways that are mentioned above in this blog can help you with that.

As a company owner, the satisfaction of the employees at the workplace is one of your important responsibilities. It is non-negotiable to get honest input from your team. Moreover, if you do not know what problems you need to fix, then it is hard to build up your team.


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