How Can a Startup Compete with Big Companies

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Blogs

Today, we can see that well-known companies flood the market, and entering that seems to be quite a challenge. But not for the ones who are aware of the rules and use them to benefit their company. If you have started a business and are not sure about making a way among your competitors, we will help you with that in this article. Let’s take a look at how startups can compete with big companies.

Create strong positioning

To create a strong positioning, you need to understand what you offer and who you offer it to. If you do not see your specialties, then it will be hard for your client to see. You must have a precise and catching position. Here are few tips to start with:

  • Outline your customer profile by conducting short interviews with your client.
  • Conduct research on your competitors and understand what and how they are offering their services.
  • Create a unique and most appealing product offer.
  • Generate new ideas by brainstorming with your team. 

Use great storytelling

Compelling storytelling is indispensable when you deal with big brands. Tell stories that please your clients, charm, and win. Be persuasive. To make you enjoy it, you have to be 100% in love with what you’re doing, too. Say your story with passion, be proud of what you sell, advertise your goods with excitement. It’s critical not only to attract consumers but also to engage investors to support your business.

Go mobile

Follow the ongoing trend and develop a smart, new mobile or web app. Make it as interactive as possible. Do not overthink it, but for your gain, use mobile apps’ success. Think about your app’s features to impress users, measure the expected costs, and start designing them.

Go extra mile

Your clients expect extra from you in everything you do for them, like your product, customer service, etc. When clients are given such benefits or opportunities, they will recommend you to others. Here are few tips regarding competing with big brands. 

  • Immediately attend to your clients. Set up a quick auto-response for customer inquiries or make sure to recruit a specialist in customer support 24/7.
  • Make a short question telling them what they like about your startup and what they don’t like. Through this, you can do both: figure out the holes and show the clients that you care for them.
  • Set up high-quality service standards and define your added values. 

Establish a robust Content Marketing strategy

Your Content Marketing would affect any other aspect of your plan, whatever online approach you use. This is probably one of the most critical foundations of your advertising. Start creating a solid content marketing plan and make sure you:

  • To get high Google rankings for the clients you want, use a well-planned SEO strategy.
  • Make the most of the power of Google Advertising to raise your audience.
  • Don’t put social media underestimate. It’s an excellent tool to promote the company nowadays. So, use your social media marketing to engage more consumers and gain awareness of your brand.

Digital marketing can, in general, not be underestimated beforehand. It’s not one of the most vital components of the overall marketing plan. Be sure to read this short but insightful piece to understand why.


It is not an easy job to compete with major brands, but it makes the game all the more fun! After all, your imagination, bold ideas, and bravery are only yours, and other brands do not have what you have and how creative your team is. 

So, here’s just a quick reminder of things you need to get done. Work on strong positioning, attract audience attention, go the extra mile for your targeted audience, and invest in the best mobile or web app. 


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