How To Outsource Work: Step by Step Guide

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Coronavirus has changed the way businesses completely. While many companies are operating remotely, they understand the value and benefits of the staff. The employees who manage their jobs from home can cut the cost of various expenses and deliver the work at the right time to help the businesses save. As businesses have understood the importance of outsourcing now, most companies want to outsource their employees. However, the outsourcing process should be done rightly, and that’s what we are going to talk about in this article.

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Understand why you want to outsource

There are various reasons to go for outsourcing, such as:

  • You want to cut off daily expenses of office building such as rental expenses, transportation allowance, equipment charges, and other routine charges.
  • You have way too much business, and you want to hire some staff temporarily.
  • You want to work with global talent.
  • You got a big project, and you want someone to be devoted to the project only, so you need to outsource staff for that specific project.
  • You are unable to manage employees at the workplace.
  • You want to save money by cutting off the cost of the recruitment and hiring process.


Getting started

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Outsourcing can be terrifying, initially. However, with the advancement in technology, nothing is complicated at all. There are various websites that allow you to hire exceptional talent. However, each of these sites employs a distinct method, has a different layout, and can take days to get used to. If you want to start with the outsourcing website, then do not stick with only one site. Make your business profile at least two of the outsourcing websites so that you have more opportunities to get the best team.
Some of the popular outsourcing websites are:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
  • Design Hill

Now the question arises that what is the best outsourcing website? Well, all websites are good, but for hourly work, Upwork is probably the most suitable option. For one-off project-based work, Guru and Freelancer.com make great choices as they have a method to upload funds into escrow. Fiverr is also a good website, and you can find a great talent over there.

Make a company’s profile:

After you select the website that you want to use for outsourcing, the next step is to make a company’s profile. The major elements that should be a part of your business profile are:
Portfolio: Make a good portfolio that highlights all of your projects.
About us section: Tell how you started and what is the purpose of your business.
Talk about the products and services that you are providing.
Mention your achievements in the corporate world.
Add all the verified details for payment as it will prove your authentication.

Post a Job:

Post a job for outsourcing people in your company. Your Job post should include all the major details and requirements. You can either mention the pay for hourly and for a whole project. However, some of the outsourcing websites like Upwork specifies to mention the payment for hourly work.

Start Shortlisting:

You will soon be starting to receive proposals for the job you posted. Make sure that you go through every proposal and choose the right candidates for further process.
Here are some tips that can help select the right candidates:

  • Experience
  • Number of hours a candidate can give
  • Country/Region to match the timezone
  • Completed projects
  • Amount of $$ earned
  • Reviews from past clients
  • Portfolio


Take interviews:

You will be able to take online interviews with the candidates. It is always better to take a video interview and talk to the candidate face to face. But you can also take an interview on an audio call or chat. Make sure that you ask all the relevant questions and answer all the required questions.

Select the Candidate:

After thorough examination and analysis, you can select the candidate that perfectly suits the position. Ensure that your new outsourced employee gets all the benefits and perks similar to your regular employees for a better relationship.

Start Working with your new team:

Now you can start working with your new virtual employees. You can start by giving them small tasks that gradually increase. Make sure that you are paying them on time, as outsourcing websites will block you from any delayed payments or negative reviews. Once you gain the level of trust from outsourced employees, you will be able to hire and work with more people globally

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