Impact Of Teamwork Trends On Your Business

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Blogs

The teams of today vary from the teams of the past. They are far more inclusive, distributed, multimedia, and dynamic. But while teams face new challenges, their progress still depends on a core collection of group collaboration fundamentals. it is important for businesses to hire remote employees and allow flexible working. Trends in workplace technology represent the shifts in collaboration. Most importantly it is linked to 2020 and beyond. It is the growth of collaboration and communication tools. 

Here are a few trends that have an impact on your business. 

Distributed office

Most of the companies don’t have a single office. The ones that have no longer rely on a centralized workplace. Therefore it seems to be a considerable shift toward a cross-functional collaboration. Companies are trying to lower the number of employees to reduce labor costs. 

Companies include employees from all around the world. Beside team members there are suppliers, contractors, and clients present in the company. Decision making is often distributed by this. Consider an example that satellite teams based in markets closer to customer bases in the larger organization.

Cross-functional collaboration

Cross-functional collaboration refers to a group of people working together to achieve a common goalWorking like this on a common goal can have several benefits. It gets really easy to get to know about different perspectives. Therefore, can also be helpful in identifying innovative solutions. 

Beside the advantages, it does have a fair share of challenges. Confidence, clearly defined goals, tasks, and excellent communication are required.

Changed culture

Beside that teams can work together virtually and successfully. The majority of people work from different locations and different time zones, without the need to ever meet in person. 

A result of a survey showed that 87% of employees are more productive when they work alone. This proves that team culture has changed extremely over the years. Most of us think about how can a business manage remote teams and overcome the inherent obstacles. The answer to this lies in keeping a track of employee activity, with the help of tools and status updates.


Variety of collaboration technologies

There is always a need to consider whether the multiple tools will work together or not. Furthermore the sudden rise in collaboration tools has brought problems for many businesses. On the other hand you need to be careful else you’ll end up with a web of connected tools with complex zaps.

In addition to just focusing on your email, you need to check discord, skype, and slack to find the information you need. Not only this will complicate your work, but create problems for you. While focusing on one tool will benefit you.


Multiple collaboration tools

Some companies allow employees to work from home, others provide a remote-first environment. It is essential for team members to communicate quickly and easily. For that purpose communication needs to be responsive and real. 

However, the use of tools to ease communication has increased like collaboration tools, communication tools have created a complex web. More and more individuals are moving towards an all-in-one tool, such as project management tools based on email, which allows you not only to manage your project within your email inbox but also to comment and talk with co-workers in real-time.

Agile team and methodology

Development teams that are trained in scrum would implement the practices. With the help of that productivity and quality can be improved. In product creation, portfolio management, and human resources, companies are extending agile methodologies.


Although companies have a complex network of individuals, computers, instruments, and services that work together through multi-dimensional communication. The ways people work together and how organizations deliver tasks are altered by teamwork and communication tools. Most importantly tools enhance efficiency and allow managers to recruit talent.

Beside all the emerging changes in management styles. Most important thing to remember is that it helps employees to work productively and transparently in order to achieve a common goal. 

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