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Maintenance/Admin Incharge

Ropstam is currently in search of an Admin & Maintenance Incharge to join our team. As the selected candidate, your primary role will involve overseeing and coordinating various administrative functions and facility maintenance to ensure smooth operations and a well-maintained working environment.
Maintenance/Admin Incharge
Ropstam is looking for an Admin & Maintenance Incharge, you will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating administrative functions and facility maintenance to ensure a well-organized and efficient work environment. You will collaborate with various departments to support their administrative needs and maintain a safe and functional workplace. Ensuring the smooth operation of the office premises and facilities.
Office Hours:
Johar Town L Block (Lahore)
  • Supervise and lead the administrative team, janitorial staff, and office assistants. Coordinate office activities, including staff scheduling and task assignments. Manage office supplies, equipment, and inventory to ensure availability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Oversee the maintenance and repairs of the office building, including electrical, plumbing, and other facilities. Coordinate with official registered vendors and contractors for maintenance and service requirements. Conduct regular inspections to identify maintenance needs and address them promptly.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and implement necessary safety measures. 
  • Optimize resource allocation to achieve cost-effective maintenance and administrative operations.
  • Source and negotiate with vendors and suppliers for office equipment, maintenance services, and other requirements. 
  • Identify training needs for the admin and maintenance team and organize relevant training programs. Promote a culture of continuous learning and skill development.
  • Ensure proper record-keeping and maintenance of administrative and maintenance documentation. Maintain records related to facility maintenance, contracts, and vendor agreements.
  • Collaborate with other department managers to support their administrative needs and maintain effective communication channels. Liaise with HR, finance, and other relevant departments to streamline administrative processes.
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Proven 2 years experience in administrative management and facility maintenance roles.
  • Strong people management skills and Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities.
  • Knowledge of building maintenance, health, and safety regulations.
  • Budget management and cost control skills.
  • Proficient in MS office 


  • Market competitive salaries
  • Provident Fund 
  • Medical Insurance
  • EOBI
  • Leaves Encashment
  • Yearly Bonus