The Ultimate WordPress Security Tips (2020)

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Blogs

WordPress is one of the most dominant content management systems (CMS). It is used by most of the web developers. As the CMS is very popular, it also strives the malicious actors to get into the system and destroy the websites.
Cyber hackers can get into your WordPress by linking the viruses with WP plugins, themes, hosting providers. Thus it is very important to integrate proper security to keep your WordPress website safe and sound. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the security fundamentals of WordPress.

Keeping WordPress Updated

WordPress keeps getting updates to maintain the software system. The minor updates are usually installed automatically. However, the major releases need to manage and update manually. It is crucial to keep your CMS up-to-date, safe, and secure by updating it regularly. Moreover, thousands of plugins make WordPress functional, and they need to be updated timely so that your website doesn’t lack in anything. If you want to keep your website secure and stable, you need to keep the WordPress core, plugins, and theme updated.

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Strong Passwords and User Permissions

The most usual way to hack the WordPress website is to steal passwords. This can easily be avoided if you make strong passwords for your website. These passwords include FTP accounts, database, WordPress hosting account, and your custom email addresses, which use your site’s domain name.
If you are not really good at remembering passwords, then use a password manager. This software will help you in keeping all your WordPress passwords and other passwords secure and safe.
Avoid giving WordPress admin control to anyone else, and if you have a team that needs to manage the website, then make sure they are well monitored.

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Hosting services

Third-party providers provide hosting services, and it is very important to check their authenticity before getting the services for your website. If you are getting low-quality hosting services, then you will see adverse effects while running obsolete PHP versions on the website. If you want your website to be secure, safe, and sound, then you must get a hosting service from a reliable source.

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Best WordPress Security Plugin

Setting up an auditing and analyzing system to keep track of your data and complete picture of your website. This step includes monitoring the integrity of your files, failed login attempts, malware scanning, etc. You can install this amazing plugin (Sucuri Scanner) to keep your website safe and sound. After installation, you will have to generate a free API key. This will enables audit logging, integrity checking, email alerts, and other essential features on the track.

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Always remember to keep a backup of your website with a trusted hosting provider. If your hosting provider is not providing backup services, you can get alternative services and install plugins that can help you back up your data and information. Some of the good cloud storage services include Amazon S3 and dropbox.

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Maintaining a WordPress website is one of the biggest deals, and that includes taking care of the security and privacy of your data on WordPress. As CMS is one of the most popular systems, it is the number one source of hackers to hack the website. In this article, we have covered five of the most crucial tips that can help you in keeping your WordPress threat free.
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