Time Management Ways for Busy Entrepreneurs

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Blogs

An entrepreneur’s journey is one of endless experimentation, from learning how to manage teams to using social media and from introducing new and creative marketing campaigns to learning how to scale. It’s never an easy one. As an entrepreneur, you need time to handle every aspect of your business and keep it on the right track. Entrepreneurs can do extraordinary things if they manage and use their time wisely. 

The problem is that, like anyone else, entrepreneurs are grappling with how to handle their time efficiently. Here are some fantastic ways to manage your time efficiently as an entrepreneur. 

Set limits and boundaries

It’s good to be open, flexible, and accessible as an entrepreneur, but it’s also vital to establish boundaries when managing time. Try not to make commitments to unplanned meetings or conferences that you know will waste your time. Set limits on planned calls and maintain a proper schedule on daily and weekly meetings.

Leverage Business Process Management (BPM) for greater time efficiency

BPM can help you to improve the use of time. As the processes are being mapped and analyzed from start to finish, the tasks and process owners are notified automatically when they delegate responsibilities. According to well-known founder Daniel, a significant contribution to time efficiency is the optimization and automation of the business processes.

Such techniques minimize redundancy and reduce mistakes. Also, all information is centralized, so allocating information and reporting when appropriate is easier.

Maximize available technology

For the sole purpose of optimizing time, numerous tools have been created. Virtual reality and video conferencing save physical trips to automated scheduling and bill payment to chatbots for customer service and support. These methods take care of your time-consuming duties.

Try productivity methods

Many people have an idea about human behavior, use of time, and productivity levels to see if they could develop a hack to maximize tie use. One of the most well-known methods is the Ivy method; it requires you to make a list of six things to accomplish in a day and order them by priority. You have to complete the first task before moving onto the next one.

You make a new six-task list for the next day when you get to the end of the day and repeat the process. Now, you can download and use an app for that method instead of writing it out.

Prioritize and focus on working smarter

Working hard is a needed skill, and it’s admirable to work hard. But a lot better approach is also to work smartly. That means you need to focus on your organization’s value-adding activities and let go of the rest. You have the best chance of getting remarkable results by focusing on those value-driven activities.

For example, instead of managing supplies, you might locate and convert new clients, which yields higher revenues.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Understandably, you may not want to give out tasks that impact your business to others. But on the other side, if you keep everything to yourself, you are not using your time wisely. There is nothing wrong with assigning the task to someone else, and you stick to the one you can do best as an entrepreneur. 

Although you might have to use some money and time for training, tools, and communication, you will quickly win back more time and money when assigning a task to someone else. 

Stop over planning and overthinking

When you have done the research and got all the information, you need to get the work started. However, waiting for something to be perfect or believe you know the outcome has the best intentions. But, it is the worst use of time. Avoid fussing over all the facts and potential causes.

Revise. Rethink. Recharge

Know that making changes to how you use time will be an ongoing task, among all the efforts you make with time management.

You will need to reconsider the strategy and amend it. Most importantly, to refresh away from work, you may need to put time aside so that you can be mentally prepared to continue maximizing your available time to achieve your business objective.


The ways mentioned above can help you in managing your time efficiently. These tips are useful for busy entrepreneurs these days. The better an entrepreneur becomes at time management, the better the business will be. 


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