Tips to Stay Connected with your Team while Working from Home

by | Jun 14, 2020 | Blogs

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all businesses are operating from their homes, but the question is, can you stay connected with your team while working from home? Well, yes, you can! However, staying connected with your clients and team members requires some of the specialized tools and techniques.
Due to the lockdown, not only consumers but also businesses are facing a lot of changes, and they are trying to adjust to the new change. This is an era of technology and everything can be done with the usage of the right tools and digitalization. In this article, we are going to unfold the tips and tricks to stay connected with your teammates and clients during the pandemic.

1. Speed Up Your Internet Connection

We are used to working at our offices where the speed of the internet is never an issue. With the speedy internet, we can execute any task in minutes without any interruption. However, not everyone is facilitated with an internet connection at home, and we have to understand and admit this fact. In this time of despair, having a fast internet connection might cause you some financial burden, but this is the only solution to keep your job in your hand.
A fast internet connection will help you in keeping on track and carry out all the work on time. Moreover, you will be active in your zoom meetings and won’t miss any important meeting notes. If you are worried about the costs of internet connections that you might bear in such desperate times, then don’t worry! There are several telecom companies that are offering fast internet connection data for very few bucks, and it is intended to be used by the employees who are working from home. So, go ahead and get a fast internet connection to stay connected with your client and your team.

2. Commit Specific Hours to Client Communication

When we are working from our office space, we are obliged to give proper time to every appointed task. However, working from home comes with tremendous distractions that might not do justice to our jobs. It is very important to avoid all types of interruptions when you are working with your clients. Set a proper place to work, and do not let anything distract you while you are communicating with your client.

3. Properly Schedule Meeting

Even if you are working from home, you have to give the impression that everything is under control. It is very important to schedule meetings with your clients to discuss the details of certain projects and development. Never let your client know that you are under some stressful conditions, and you are not able to carry out an effective meeting.
In order to successfully carry out the meeting, you have to follow the following key tips:

• Make a schedule of meetings
• Get meeting points
• Avoid distractions

• Set meeting time that is suitable for your client
• Check your internet connection
• Keep all the information about the project on hand

4. Go with a Client-friendly Video Conferencing Means

It is easy to do face to face communication with your client when you are operating from the office. However, if you are working from home, then things might get tricky. With the proper use of suitable tools and apps, you can still do face to face meetings with your client. The best tool is ZOOM that enables you to so video meetings for a long time without any interruption. ZOOM also allows you to stay connected with your team members all in one time.
The other tool is Google meet. This app is best if you are using G Suite as a communication tool. However, not all meetings need face to face communication, especially if your video call includes screen sharing or any discussion that can be verbally discussed.

5. Select the Precise Medium to Connect Through

There are several different ways to communicate with your clients, for example, phone call, text message, slack message, zoom video, google Doc comments. Though, with all the available tools, you have to very keen on selecting the most suitable medium of communication for your business meetings. Get a channel that keeps you and your team members connected, and that is easily accessible by everyone.
Here are some ideas for picking the right communication channels:
• Skype
• Slack
• Sling
• Zoom
• Google Docs

Bottom Line:

During the stressful time of pandemic, everyone prefers to work from home to avoid the spread of disease. In such times it is very important to understand the proper ways to keep connected with your team and clients. Thus, today we have discussed the efficient ways to keep everything on track.

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