Top Blockchain Trends Everyone Must Know About in 2020

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Blockchain started with the emergence of bitcoin, but now technology has shown its power. You will observe the usage of blockchain technology in nearly every app. This is because this technology helps in protecting sensitive data and provides an opportunity to make some digital currency. As blockchain is revolutionizing, it is important to look at the upcoming trends in this technology. Blockchain Trends 2020 will bring us the commencement of the new decade.

Blockchain Trends 2020 will transform enterprises in different businesses and authorities whenever embraced. However, its adoption requires time and effort; furthermore, Blockchain Technology will encourage people to acquire new skills, and traditional business will rethink their procedures to get the most ultimate benefits from using this promising technology.

Let’s get into some basics of blockchain before moving to the latest trends.

What is BlockChain

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It is a decentralized and distributed ledger that stores every ledger for financial transactions. It is extremely secure, anti-fraudulent, and reliable technology because the blocks are decentralized, permanent, and transparent. With blockchain, you will not experience any transactional cost, and your information will be protected with end-to-end encryption.

Blockchain Technology Trends 2020

Rise of Federated Blockchain

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There are several networks on the blockchain that are classified as personal, public, allied, or mixed. The mixed network on the blockchain is considered as one of the best modern blockchain trends in the industry. This network is the basic classical model of the blockchain and suitable for any type of transactional record.

In the blockchain, the network works very well with numerous pre-defined entities. Federated Blockchain revives the idea of a decentralized system that is comprehensive for certain transactional usages. This blockchain approach can be used to guarantee the security of data. It safely keeps the records of highly sensitive data that is divided and can be observed independently.
Federated blockchains have gained a lot of popularity, and it is going to be widely used in the coming years. This blockchain category would be of great help for enterprises like financial services, records security, insurance claims, and several other sectors in the year 2020.

Blockchain-As-A-Service (BaaS) by Big Tech Companies

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Blockchain-as-a-Service, BaaS is a blockchain technology that is fundamentally contributing to the development of blockchain. With BaaS, blockchain enthusiasts can use cloud platforms and develop their own blockchain applications. BaaS works as a connection between the blockchain platforms and the endeavors using blockchain. Various organizations, including: are already using the technology.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • IBM Cloud
  • Oracle Blockchain
  • VMWare
  • Stablecoins


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Stablecoin is an added category of cryptocurrency created to restrict price uncertainty and offer durability. The advantage of Stablecoin over different digital currencies is that its value doesn’t get affected by the market’s circumstances, such as currency clash and staying constant in all conditions.

Price assurance is the essential element lacking in the cryptocurrency, preventing them from being used for everyday payments, but with the introduction of Stablecoins, things are getting changed.

We can expect some increase in this situation too in the up and coming years. Beginning at now, the Stablecoins are new in the market; however, they can get one of the most significant digital assets.
Stablecoins is distinguished because of its following characteristics:

  • Protection from issues like currency crashes
  • Streamline Recurring and P2P installments
  • Fast Payments and Affordable
  • Constant Currency Exchanges
  • Can be used as the Regular Currency

Blockchain Integration into Government Agencies

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The probability of the distributed ledger is likewise incredibly alluring to government authorities that require to administrate particularly tremendous quantities of data.

Every company has a distinctive database, so they want to need data about inmates from one another continually. The utilization of blockchain technology for efficient data management the administrators will enhance the working of such agencies.

By 2022, above a billion people will have a few data about them collected on a blockchain. Government authorities will use blockchain for easy access to data and security and safety of information.

Blockchain with IoT

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The Internet of Things is one of the various emerging trends of the 21st century. Many devices or tools, just as smart homes, are equipped with unique sensors to synchronize any activities without the indulgence of human interaction. IoT needs to gather information on related devices and require a permanent connection. The pieces of data need to be protected and maintained to provide safety to the user. Blockchain technology is best to ensure the protection of the data and to keep a permanent secure connection. For this purpose, Blockchain technology is going to be incorporated with IoT in the future.

Bottom Line:

Blockchain technology is getting popularity due to its enormous benefits, and it is going to be greatly revolutionized in the upcoming years. Blockchain is not only limited to the digital currency now ut it using in the development of various applications, securing data, by government experts, and many more. This article covers all the upcoming trends of blockchain in 2020 and upcoming years.

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