Why The Future of Technology Will Be Unimaginable


Who imagined that we would reach up to the skies and explore different planets, talk to aliens, explore the unimaginable technologies. Gratitude to the science and technology that we can do all of such things and beyond that! Our value in the universe is not bigger than a dot of a dot, but still, we are keen to explore the hidden worlds, and that’s all is possible only with the advancement in technology.

Technology and science play important roles in transforming our life completely. From traveling on horses to getting cars and flying airplanes, we cannot imagine spending even a day without technology.
The human brain is a great tech itself that finds ways to make difficult things easier. Think about our ancestors who survived in the darkest of the dar, hot summer, shivery winter, with wild animals and whatnot. This shows the capability of the human brain to adapt things and transform them into our usages.

Our health is one of the major questions when we talk about our life, and technology is playing a true role in helping our lives in this scenario. The most used technologies in medicine include: Diagnosis technologies include stethoscopes, hypodermic needles, blood pressure cuffs, MRI scanners, heart monitors, and EKG machines. Treatment technologies include stitches, scalpels, Band-Aids, casts, ECMO machines, ventilators, and drugs.

However, with the passing years, we are also witnessing more amazing technologies to have emerged in the technology, and that’s what we are going to talk about in this article.

Regrowing Damaged Body Parts

Stem-cell technology is a new emergence that can help your cartilage and other parts of the body to regrow. This technology is going to change the way we presume old age to be. We will be able to get creaky, and worn-out cartilage regrows without getting into a lot of strong medications or painful surgeries. Majorly this technology will be helpful for the patients of severe osteoarthritis that is dangerously increasing in numbers.
It could also help in repairing hearts and overcome damages of heart attacks. It is assumed that the technology will be helpful in growing organs and tissues in laboratories for the purpose of organ transplants.

A Pill that Calls you

It is very usual for the patients to forget about taking the pills, which can negatively affect the treatments. Say goodbye to forgetting the pills because now your pills will call you themselves. A new pill is created that includes a miniature sensor that shows when it is taken. Information is transferred to an application worn by the patient and then sent on to a smartphone. Patients and doctors can assure the medication is being taken as required. This amazing innovation is already being used in the treatment of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.
This technology uses “internet of medical things (IoMT)” that connect devices and circulate the required information. This technology is very helpful in the treatment of various medical illnesses, including mental problems and other chronic issues.

AI for Detecting Skin Cancer

Cancers can go undetectable until the situation get worst, and the disease enters the last stage. Technology has emerged that can help in detecting skin cancer. This technology uses computerized, trained images of skin cancer. This technology is very useful for detecting melanoma skin cancers. Around 2 and 3 million non-melanoma, skin cancers, and 132,000 melanoma skin cancers occur globally each year, according to the World Health Organization. Skin cancer is rapidly increasing and taking lives because it is not easy to identify this type of cancer. With this technology, doctors will be able to detect the disease and start treatment at the earliest to affect the safe lives of millions of people.

Cure of Depression with Smartphone

We often see the advertisement on our phone while surfing the internet. This happens because our smartphone is able to read our behaviors and our interests due to our cookies and history. According to a Californian company, our mobile phones can diagnose mental health issues by monitoring how we tap, surf, scroll, and click. This can help in reading the various traits of humans. If this is true, then imagine how many people a phone could save? According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people throughout the world struggle from depression, and nearly 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, the next leading reason for death in 15-29-year-olds. However, only 10% of people get treatment for this chronic illness.
The upcoming technology will help people understand their depression and how to deal with it.

Cancer Detection by Reading Eyes

This is an amazing one! Our eyes can say a lot about us, and medical techs are taking advantage of it in full go. The University of Washington has developed a smartphone app that can help diagnose pancreatic cancer by checking the whites of the eyes for jaundice signs. It is very easy and simple to use this app. All you have to do is snapping a selfie and leave the rest on the app. The app will read the elevated bilirubin levels, a possible sign of the disease. This app will be life-saving for most cancer patients as pancreatic cancer is one of the most common ones and is not curable if not detected on time.

Bottom Line:

Technology is a blessing if it is used appropriately. There are uncountable benefits of technology that help us in transforming our lives. In this article, we have talked about five of the upcoming technological advancements in medicine that will completely change your life for good.

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