Why Your Brand Name is Important: 4 Things to Remember

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First impressions do not matter that much if we could all get second chances to make the first impression right. But this is never the case, hence the need to ensure that the first touch of individuals with your organization is a memorable one. Often your brand name is this first touch. Here is why it is essential to have your brand name and four things no one tells you about.

Your Brand Name is Important

Your brand name is essential, so make sure that it is impressive. Creating and thinking about a unique name requires a lot of creativity and relevant research. 

To reflect your brand in the best possible light, make room for development and potential expansion while staying important over time, your brand identity as typified by your brand name must be implemented thoughtfully and thoroughly. There are a few brand naming errors to avoid, but four things no one can tell you about your brand name are below.

Your brand name is your story headline

A profitable business without the right name would not only fail to reach the right audience, but it will also affect the quality of your products or services you are offering. Some business owners choose brand names that leave people guessing what their business is about. All of the audience is busy, too busy to think about your brand.

People’s attention span is shorter than ever, with too much knowledge vying from time to time for their attention. Your brand must be able to stand out from the crowd and, at a glance, spell out the essence of your brand.

Your brand is a narrative. On this journey, you invite your target audience to come with you. Make it easy to adapt them by selecting a brand name that is straightforward, accurate, and convincing, similar to the title of your story.

Your brand name ought to inspire a response

Being emotional is human nature. We act according to our feelings and rationalize everything in our minds. Also, purchase decisions are based on emotions. People don’t necessarily need carbonated drinks like coca-cola. It’s not a living necessity that is required. But, mainly when it’s cold, the feeling the taste creates keeps people going for it.

Your brand name must evoke a response from people if your brand is going to go very far. It needs to be involved and alive so that individuals want to take action. If people don’t feel like doing anything, there’s nothing they can do. However, your brand name needs to be exciting and captivating. You can achieve this by picking a compatible brand name that people in your target audience use. 

That way, they already know what your brand is about and what behavior they need to take when your brand name shows up. You want yours, like any good story, to inspire action from your audience.

Consider a spice of mystery

Sometimes there is magic when people talk about your brand. There is a mystery in it. Yeah, people’s attention span has decreased, but they can spend another second finding out more about something that catches their fancy. The trick here is, as far as possible, a skillful combination of applicable keywords. But avoid the urge to tweak keywords so much that it’s hard to pronounce or recognize them.

It may sound acceptable when pronounced, but you don’t want people to wonder about your brand name’s correct spelling. Stay within easily relatable and readable confines.

Use a brand naming platform

Some businesses offer naming services. Some use keywords that represent your business. Such platforms can generate a name for your brand that works. Typically, this type of service is called a generator of company names. 

For instance, NameOyster generates names using artificial intelligence and they are usually free of charge.

Take advantage of available tools

Prepare some relevant keywords and plug them into an online tool and then select from available options. You can search and view existing and past trends with Google Trends. In line with your proposed brand name, this will give you an idea of what individuals have historically searched for.

Some other resources have Google and search results that provide a general view of word combinations that could function with just any brand.


Your brand is a story, a story that your clients and target audience will get to know. Useful information combines various elements, one of the most critical factors being the story title, the brand name. By taking advantage of the tips shared in this article, get it right, and improve your brand.


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