Our most valuable asset – YOU.

Ropstam BPO propositions a robust fiscal forte, global delivery model, inclusive and supple solutions, profound domain proficiency, and a rich global talent pool. Ropstam BPO recognizes its people as the foundation of its extraordinary growth, which is aptly reflected in the mission statement of the organization, which is ‘Happy Employees’, ‘Happy Customers’ and ‘Happy Shareholders’.

To successfully attract, develop, motivate and retain the best people, we are guided by the Global HR vision of ‘Create a progressive workplace that enables partnership for prosperity’. As HR, we aim to create a progressive workplace, which is dynamic, vibrant, contemporary, diverse, inclusive and presents infinite possibilities. We promote partnership by initiating new journeys together, nurturing and caring for all out people. Our fraternity aids in bringing prosperity by providing abundance, happiness, growth and creation of value (economic, intellectual and emotional) to all our people.

In order to live by this vision, we have drafted and implemented integral practices, policies and processes in every aspect of the continuum that touches all parts of the lives of our people. While continuously creating opportunities of growth and development for our people, we facilitate them by providing vigorous learning systems aimed at creating and sustaining an unyielding environment of continuous learning and development.

We are aware that people are the key differentiators between affluent, prosperous and successful organizations versus the mediocre ones. Needless to say, Ropstam BPO is committed to being the best in its Human Resource endeavors!

Current Job Openings

  1. Content Writer
  2. SEO Expert
  3. Php / WordPress Developer
  4. Front End Developer
  5. Back End Developer
  6. Social Media Manager
  7. UI / UX Designer
  8. Full Stack WordPress Developer
  9. Manager Web And Mobile Development 
  10. iOS Developer 
  11. Graphics/ Web Designer

Why our clients 14 us And why they keep coming back.


PriceyourGlass has been working with Ropstam for more then 10 years and that for various projects. A better proof of satisfaction is not there, I think : ) Ropstam BPO worked in recent years on various assignments for our clients and delivered top notch projects that we are proud of.

Ben Beuhler
CEO & Founder