Our most valuable asset – YOU.

Into the Future of User Experience

At Ropstam, we aim to create a progressive workplace, which is dynamic, vibrant, contemporary, diverse, inclusive, and presents infinite possibilities. We promote partnership by initiating new journeys together, nurturing, and caring for all our people. Our fraternity aids in bringing prosperity by providing abundance, happiness, growth, and creation of value (economic, intellectual, and emotional) to all our people.

In order to live by this vision, we have drafted and implemented integral practices, policies, and processes in every aspect of the continuum that touches all parts of the lives of our people. While continuously creating opportunities for growth and development for our people, we facilitate them by providing vigorous learning systems aimed at creating and sustaining an unyielding environment of continuous learning and development.

We are aware that people are the key differentiators between affluent, prosperous, and successful organizations versus the mediocre ones. Needless to say, Ropstam BPO is committed to being the best in its Human Resource endeavors!

Ropstam Team

Our Perks

Since loving your job doesn’t pay your expenses, here are some amazing perks offered by Ropstam.



Pay rise, promotions, and top opportunities for professional development.



Company maintained vehicle along with fuel allowance.


Health Insurance

We ensure all your healthcare needs.


Parental Leaves

When it comes to feelings, work isn’t the priority.


Provident Funds

A company sponsored fund that enables you to maximize your tax and investment benefits.



Mentors to guide and support you. Training programs to polish your skills.

Be part of Ropstam

The latest on what, where, when, why and of who.

Mango Day

BBQ Party.

Birthday Celebrations.

Interview at Ropstam

The interview process

Our interview process varies from region to region, but below you can find what a general interview process at Ropstam looks like.

Phone Interview

During the initial phone call with a recruiter from our Talent team, you will receive information on topics such as the specific the role(s) you are interested in, how the team is built, what we look for in candidates and our company culture.


Depending on the role you are applying for, the next step will require you to fulfill an assignment or exercise following the phone interview either virtually or in-person.

Onsite Interview(s)

Following the initial exercise, you will be invited for an onsite interview at your potential home office to meet with team members and/or managers related to the relevant role. Here you will get a first hand feel to what life @Ropstam is really like!

Offer Stage

Congrats! In this final stage, the recruiter you have been in touch with will call you to discuss the contract, logistics and answer any questions you may have before receiving the formal written offer. Welcome to Ropstam 🙂

Interview Tips

If you really want to rock your interview and blow us away, here are a few useful tips we've gathered that could help with that!

Be Resourceful

There are plenty of online resources for you to discover valuable information about our product, its different features, and the company’s vibe/history. We also recommend checking out some of our awesome customer testimonials to see us in action.

Be Genuine

In addition to emphasizing your strengths, we’d love for you to address the issues you think you could improve on as well. Most importantly, just be genuine and authentic!

Be Curious

The sky’s the limit with what you can do here at Ropstam, so don’t be afraid to push boundaries. We recommend gathering out of the box questions regarding our product and direction of the company. We promise to do as best as we can to provide you with adequate answers.

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