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Security Best Practices for Express apps
Security Best Practices for Express.js Apps – Methods to Improve

Ensuring all the aspects of security is a difficult and arduous task. With so many factors involved and hackers getting so intelligent and innovative, there are scores of ways to break a website or application. Similarly, when it comes to Express.js applications, there is no single procedure or step to ensure that your web application […]

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MERN vs PERN – Which Web Development Stack is Better?

If you are a web developer, you must have come across the terminologies MERN and PERN. These are two of the most commonly utilized web stacks for crafting user-friendly web applications from start to finish. Struggling to identify the best web development stack for your next project? Here, I will comprehensively compare MERN vs PERN […]

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Best Headless CMSs for React
Best Headless CMS for React Projects (Complete Guide)

In today’s day and age, every developer is well aware of the growing adoption of React.js. A popular open-source framework, React has been leveraged by social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Thanks to its properties like independent components and crafting user-friendly interfaces, React aligns perfectly with the scope of headless content management system […]

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Best Vue.js Chart Libraries
Best Vue.js Chart Libraries in 2024

In the ever-evolving world of web development, Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. With close to 200k stars on GitHub, it has gained immense mainstream adoption in a relatively short time period. One challenge developers face is converting vast amounts of data into visualized form. Fortunately, Vue.js offers a wide array of […]

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Best Vue UI Component Libraries
15 Best Vue UI Component Libraries in 2024

Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for front-end development. Thanks to its ease of use and gentle learning curve, Vue is preferred by countless front-end developers. For creating visually appealing user interfaces, a Vue UI component library is considered the building block that accelerates and optimizes the web app development process. But […]

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Best Figma to React plugin
Best Figma Plugins for React – Easy Method to Convert Designs to Code

The world of design is constantly changing, and one needs to keep in touch with the latest advancements. For both commercial and individual usage, Figma is perhaps the single most important tool for designers. In this blog, I will walk you through some of the best Figma to React plugins for facile conversion of your […]

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