5 Quick Tips for Improving Productivity at Work in 2021

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Blogs

For a lot of individuals typical day is loaded with Emails, Phone calls, and Meetings. Interruptions, lack of attention, and lack of preparation can interrupt an ordinary day at work. Making incremental improvements to the work environment will help minimize or eliminate some of the everyday disruptions and increase productivity since it is feasible.

Organizing the office, avoiding multitasking, taking breaks, disconnecting from your computer, and using video chat apps to minimize meetings and emails are some tips to increase efficiency.

Stop multitasking

An enticing but unproductive habit is multitasking at work. It is easier to take a few minutes to schedule your day and tackle one job at a time instead of coming into work and working on ten different tasks at once. A study conducted at the University of London found an IQ decrease in people who multi-tasked in cognitive tasks equivalent to a person who stayed up all night. Write down what work is needed for the day and set aside time for each one, instead of using your brainpower to tackle several tasks at once.

For example, for 60-90 minutes, work on a job, check email, and take a small break and go to the next task. This break schedule is much more manageable than spending the whole day on several tasks and completing none. Your day’s work will be compounded to multiple tasks done by completing one task at a time, and within a week, you will likely have accomplished much more than you originally planned.

Take Regular Breaks

Often, we think there are not enough hours in the day, particularly when we have pressing deadlines. Consequently, we struggle against taking breaks or doing something else that might take our precious time away.

Scientists have a different viewpoint on this, though. It has been shown that taking a break is:

  • Too much sitting can make you sick as it can cause diabetes, depression, and obesity. Therefore, you must get up from your chair after few hours and walk around. 
  • The worst enemy of your creativity is working long hours without a break. Putting in more hours does not mean more ideas are generated. Big ideas come when you expect them the least.

Put your phone away

Not only do our cellphones threaten our productivity, but they also drain our brains. Having a phone within reach has been reported to make it more difficult to concentrate because a percentage of the brain has to work actively not to pick up or use the device. Now, if you put your phone away at work, think of all the hours you can save and the things you can do.

Ask yourself if, instead of concentrating on what’s important, it is worth wasting so much time on virtual life. Use your time wisely and witness efficiency gains.

Skip the long emails for video instead

Four of the key culprits of decreased productivity at work are meetings and emails. Meetings would possibly take much more time than initially expected, from ensuring that the session begins and finishes on time to interacting effectively during meetings. Another obstacle to a productive workday is efficient email communication, especially when working on a project collaboratively. A video messaging platform like CloudApp is an excellent solution for improving co-worker meetings and collaboration.

Organize your workspace

Organizing your workspace will significantly increase your productivity, along with workflow software. Improved comfort and increased confidence are other advantages of an organized desk.

  • The stress of losing something valuable, especially if it is an important work document, can be overwhelming. Build an open room by arranging your messy desk if you want to feel relaxed at work and know exactly where things are.
  • An organized desk will do the job if you search for ways to leave a positive impression on your managers and colleagues. It will convey the message that you are not only coordinated but responsible as well.


Job is hard enough and with the expectations that we all have for us to do things quicker and more effectively. While we can not regulate the time, we can take the appropriate steps to make the most of it. The tips listed above will help you increase your productivity and better manage your time.

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