5 Ways Cloud Storage can Make Managing Your Blog Easier

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Blogs

Setting up an online platform for your content is likely to be super tricky. Once you decide to go digital, several steps are there to keep your website traffic consistent and grow your brand. 

Now you can use a cloud storage platform for storing files and folders. It is the easiest and fastest way of syncing, storing, and retrieving essential files and folders. By the end of this article, you’ll get to know how to manage your blog easily. 

Accessible anywhere

A Cloud storage platform is a place where you can put anything and easily access it anywhere. It is the same as a flash drive, where you can put loads of data into that tiny thing you can take with you everywhere. 

But with the cloud, you don’t have to worry about keeping your flash drive in your bag. Moreover, you don’t have to find a USB port to plug into. 

The cloud can store any file and makes it accessible whenever you need it. When you save a file in a dropbox folder, it is synced to all devices connected to the iPhone, Android, iPad, or computer. If you lose your internet connection when using the Dropbox app for some reason, the magic program always helps you to do some things. All of your work has been changed as you get the link back.

So, with cloud storage, you can share any document via a Dropbox folder on any computer. This whole process takes place in a matter of seconds!

No more clunky emails

Remember those days where the only way you knew how to get a photo from your iPhone to your Windows computer was by emailing it. It takes forever to upload an image onto the iPhone email. This takes even longer for the email to send. Once you got the photo, you can then download them for any specific reason. 

However, suppose you have a large file to share, so the easiest way at one point was by email. But not anymore. 

With cloud storage, there is nothing to worry about those impossibly slow emails loaded with files. Cloud storage allows you to send files of all sizes in just seconds. All you have to do is build a connection to a shared folder on Dropbox and then send the link to everyone who wants to see it.

The key to excellent content collaboration

Cloud storage is an excellent way to get your team working together efficiently. There are plenty of features that can boost your team’s productivity, such as built-in software that allows one user to interpret someone else’s document. Just open a PDF from your computer and let Dropbox do its magic.

It uses built-in Adobe Acrobat software to allow users to leave feedback quickly or make suggestions for another person’s work. Regardless of what is shared with you and how you react to it, note that allowing different ideas together will enable workspaces to flourish.

Everyone has their understanding and professional knowledge that they can bring to the table. The best way to illustrate the advantages of teamwork is by annotating documents shared on the cloud.

Keep your files save

Another way to incorporate content collaboration in the workplace lies in the idea of version control. Dropbox makes it easier for you to return to an older version of any file, as long as the changes were made less than 30 days ago. Version control is the ideal method for a writer and editor to strengthen a relationship. An editor is continually providing input to a writer in positions like these.

Save some space

The coolest part about utilizing cloud storage is saving all that hard drive space. Huge files can take loads of space and will be shared slowly. On the other hand, individual small files are not a big deal. Uploading document after document will take up your hard drive space. You may have to get rid of some stuff before you even know how little space you have.


All the five ways mentioned above can ease your task and save a lot of your time. You can now easily manage your files with the help of cloud storage. Try these ways to manage your time efficiently. 

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