7 Reasons why your Website need an Update

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Blogs

Your business website is your tool to market the business. However, getting a website is not enough if you do not update it from time to time. Your outdated website can give a negative impression to your clients, and they will consider your business out of the league. Due to this reason, it is very important to keep your website fast, safe, and relevant to the development trends.
It is very important to adapt to the emerging trends of web development and make it a part of your website. So, now you might be thinking about what is the best time to get a website update? Well, there are various reasons to get a website upgradation. So, let’s discuss the right time to get a website upgrade.


1. Visual Appeal

Your website is a representation of your organization. The visitors and on your web page to get information about certain product/service or your business. If your website contains all the relevant information, the audience will perceive it as an authorized and reliable website. It is very important that your website highlights your products so that the visitors can navigate what they are looking for.
Another important thing is to remove all the outdated content, such as; sold-out products, out of stock products or the blogs that are outdated.

2. Responsive & Mobile Friendly

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This is an era of smartphones, and we love to use this smart gadget to surf websites, shop for our favorite products, post a review, scroll through social media platforms, and much more. It is very crucial for a website to be responsive and mobile-friendly.
Responsive Web Design is a collection of techniques that permit a website to bend and adapt to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. Someone opening your site on a small smartphone could be shown on the same site as the person opening it on their laptop etc. For many businesses, it may even make sense to design your website “mobile-first”.
So if your website is not mobile-friendly, it means that your consumers won’t be able to visit your website through their smartphones, and you can lose a significant percentage due to that.

3. Stock photos

One thing that you should always keep in mind while developing a website is to use real images. An original image of a product will help your customer to get a true idea about what you are selling. Also, use the images of your team members on the website, add images of your workplace, events, and much more. The images will create reliability and trustworthiness amongst your potential customers.
You can use stock free images to add more visual attraction, but make sure not to use images that present someone else’s idea.

4. Effective use of calls to actions

A call to action is referred to as a button or link that is placed on the website to convert potential customers into leads by completing an action on your landing page. If your website is outdated, it’s probably means that there won’t be any call to action button on your website. It is very important to get a CTA button or link on your website that will help you in generating more leads by persuading your customers to take immediate action.

Find out the Importance of this feature by the great Niel Patel. 

5. Measuring Effectiveness

Your outdated website might not include necessary tools that will help you in measuring the effectiveness of your website, such as; heat mapping, conversion tracking & user recordings. The measuring tools can help you in understand where your website stands and how you can make it better. If your website is lacking the measuring tools, then it is the right time to get it updated.

6. Website Speed

The speed of your website is one of the major actors that can contribute to getting or losing customers. If your website is outdated, then it might lack a good speed. It has been observed that customers leave a website if it doesn’t load in 30 seconds. Updating your website will provide it good speed, and your customers will stay on the website until they navigate their favorite product.

Read this Blog and understand everything you need to know about measuring the website seep.

7. Provide easy navigation.

Previously, we talked about website friendliness and responsiveness. Easy navigation is also a part of that category. A website that provides good user experience (UX) will standout in the eyes of customers. UX will make your website easy to use and easy to navigate through. Your customers will be able to find the product they are looking for in no time due to an updated UX.

Final Verdict:
Your website can help you in getting a lot of customers, but the same website can result in the loss of customers if it is not updated. It is very important to get your website updated for better visuals, UX experience, enhanced speed, and improved navigation. This article highlights the reasons why your website should get an update from time to time.
If you are looking for reliable services to get your website updated, then contact us for a free consultation.

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