A Holistic Approach to Work: Ropstam BPO Earns A 5-Star Review on Clutch

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Blogs

So much can be said about app development, its execution, and the team behind it. However, you can follow advice and guides to successful mobile app development religiously, and you may still face problems.

Challenges are inevitable, but things can go more smoothly if you have a partner who’s dedicated to seeing you succeed.

At Ropstam BPO, we strive to be that partner. Our customers can vouch for this. In fact, one of them recently left us a shiny 5-star review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform.

A Holistic, 5-Star Approach to Mobile App Development

In this project, we were tasked to develop a mobile app for an e-commerce business that wanted to scale up in its verticals. The app should be both iOS- and Android-friendly, and the overbearing goal was to improve the user experience.

Using our 10+ years of experience in web and mobile development, we worked to create an app that replicated the functions of their website while also giving them further suggestions for improvement.

More importantly, we used our skills to understand what the client was looking for. We understood what they wanted to achieve and where they wanted to go — and we’re well in that direction.

This 5-star approach solidifies our status as a successful development company that cares for its customers. This is highly evident in the review that the client left for us on our Clutch profile:

“They have a holistic view of what the business is trying to achieve… they present the latest thinking and they tell us what we need to build and what the budget will be — it’s a much more open discussion.” — General Manager, Better1 Inc.

Although this project is ongoing, these amazing comments from the client inspire confidence that we’re meeting their needs and driving the collaboration toward success.

Ropstam BPO Ranked Highly on The Manifest

While we’re excited about the reviews and ratings we receive on Clutch, we’re equally thrilled to be ranked as one of the top 100 software development companies in Pakistan on The Manifest, a research resource for customers searching for the best service providers around the world. It’s also Clutch’s sister website.

This recognition further motivates us to be on top of our game. It also helps us know more about what our customers need and how we can serve them better.

Learn more about us by checking out our work, or contact us via info@ropstam.com.


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