Autumn Birthday Celebrations at Ropstam

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Events

Birthdays are an important day of the year. Ropstam makes sure that there employees get a friendly environment in office. Celebrations are an important to clam the work stress. We celebrate birthdays on monthly basis as we provide a friendly family environment to our employees so that they give their 100% when working.


Events on monthly basis are not only for fun but to make employees realize that they are recognized in the organization which ultimately boosts their performance. events create a perception of gratitude and employees don’t feel homesick. After all, they are spending 8 hours in here so this should feel like home and family.



We have 4 employees born in the month of October our team decided to celebrate their birthday by bringing in cakes for all of them, yummiest chocolate, coffee, and fresh cream cake. All sang the birthday song to make them feel special as a good gesture makes the person happy.

Lastly what matters is that Ropstam employees are satisfied by the working environment because a company stands because of its employees, if they are treated the right way like family then only they would work with full dedication. A very happy birthday from Ropstam to our employees. Keep working hard May Allah bring lot of happiness and more success to their lives.

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Farewells to our employees

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