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best open-source SQL clients
Best Open Source SQL Clients for Database Management

SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite are used extensively across web and mobile applications. Developers need an effective SQL client to interface with these databases. While paid tools like TablePlus and Navicat are popular, open-source SQL clients provide a free alternative without compromising on features. In this article, I have highlighted the best open […]

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mongodb best practices
MongoDB Best Practices – Schema Design, Deployment & More

In today’s day and age, MongoDB is considered one of the most popular NoSQL databases. By offering features such as scalability and agility, MongoDB eclipses relational databases in more than one domain. MongoDB’s flexible database design allows developers to explore various schema design patterns. Whether you’re dealing with one-to-one relationships, arrays of data, or complex […]

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most powerful Python functions
5 Most Powerful Functions in Python: A Detailed Guide

If you are an amateur programmer striving to make a mark in this competitive field, you must leverage the power of functions. Every programming language offers useful functions to facilitate the developers – Python is no exception. Python includes a host of built-in functions that can enormously help coders. Such functions not only make the […]

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Best SaaS Frameworks to Build Software Products
Best SaaS Frameworks to Build Software Products

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software delivery method based on the cloud that allows data to be accessed from any device connected to the internet. It is a subscription model in which software is centrally hosted. Rather than purchasing an application, users can subscribe to use the application. When we talk about the […]

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node js vs PHP comparison
Node.js vs. PHP: A Detailed Comparison Guide

Node.js and PHP are two of the most popular development kits for back-end web development. When it comes to choosing a particular environment, the debate still rages on. The developer’s community is split between selecting Node.js or PHP for server-side development. Therefore, it is essential to answer the Node.js vs. PHP question to guide beginners […]

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best apps for learning python
10 Best Coding Apps for Learning Python in 2023

In the current digital era, coding skills have gained enormous significance. With the ever-increasing number of software companies, the demand for skilled developers is at an all-time high. Besides its advantages in the professional world, coding is also a hobby for many enthusiasts. Coding, however, is more complicated than it sounds, and the complexity level […]

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