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Apple Set To Introduce AI-Based Tool For Developers
Apple Set To Introduce AI-Based Tool For Developers

As artificial intelligence continues permeating all aspects of technology, Apple is gearing up to introduce more AI capabilities across its product ecosystem. According to a recent report, the Cupertino-based tech giant is prepping to unveil its new AI coding assistant tool, designed to support developers by automatically completing lines and blocks of code on the […]

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Apple Introduces Alternative Option
Apple Introduces Alternative Option For Releasing iPhone Apps

As per a recent announcement, big changes are coming for iPhone apps in Europe. Apple is responding to new regulations from the European Commission that are meant to limit the power of big tech companies like Apple. Specifically, Apple will now allow iPhone app developers in Europe to distribute their apps through third-party app stores […]

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Forbes New Crypto Wallet
Forbes Set To Launch New Crypto Wallet

The iconic business media brand Forbes has unveiled a new platform called Connect Wallet, representing a major milestone in bringing web3 technology into the mainstream. The wallet provides users with free access to premium Forbes content while empowering them to actively participate in Forbes’ growing web3 coverage. More than just a crypto storage solution, Connect […]

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OpenAI Announces App Store
OpenAI Announces App Store for Custom AI Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence research company OpenAI has announced the launch of their new GPT Store, an online marketplace that allows users to access and create personalized AI applications powered by OpenAI’s groundbreaking natural language model, GPT-3. This represents a major step forward in making advanced AI accessible and customizable for everyday users. The GPT Store is […]

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Worldcoin Launches World ID 2
Worldcoin Launches World ID 2.0 Boasting Shopify Integration

Worldcoin (WLD) has unveiled “World ID 2.0” to enhance and revolutionize the online experience of cryptocurrencies. To upgrade the digital identity platform, “World ID 2.0” utilizes advanced iris scanning technology to provide faster and more accurate user verification compared to their previous version. This optimized biometric identification, to differentiate between humans and bots, aims to […]

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Microsoft Copilot
Microsoft Set to Introduce Advanced Copilot Features

Recently, Microsoft unveiled its plan to unify a host of its AI-based products, including Bing Chat, Microsoft 365 with AI integration, Microsoft Edge, and Windows. The combined project – Microsoft Copilot – is predicted to introduce a whole new holistic user experience. Giving a sneak peek into the precocious offerings, Microsoft has said in the […]

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