Efficient Content Marketing Tips and Tactics to Increase Organic Traffic in 2020

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Blogs

Gone are the days when you had to spend a lot of dollars on advertising and to market your business. Now you can write a blog and let people know about your business in no time. Blogging is becoming important for businesses by every passing minute. Brands are using blogging strategies to get noticed by their customers and increase visibility.

In businesses, blogging is usually referred to as “content marketing.” It is a great way to increase your leads, get recognized by audiences, and make your business successful. However, It is not always easy to get your business identified with blogging. 52% of content teams struggle in creating content that attracts more traffic. There are various reasons why your content is not doing good.

So, let’s find out the tips and tactics to make your content recognized and create maximum brand awareness.

Choose Right Topic

It is crucial to pick the right topic that perfectly goes with your business and the products/services you are offering. For example, if you are running a boutique, you are required to write about clothing, style, and beauty. If you are going out of context and writing about food or groceries, then no one would read your blog.
There are three different stages in sales funnel that can help you in selecting the right topic.

1. Top of the Funnel
2. Middle of the Funnel
3. Bottom of the Funnel

TOFU or Top of the Funnel Content

This category contains content that creates brand awareness about your business. This type of content helps in attracting more customers. The purpose of this content is to attract as many people as we can.

MOFU or Middle of the Funnel

This content aims to target people and persuade them to sign up for a trial or a demo. This content is used to generate leads and get more customer engagement.

BOFU or Bottom of the Funnel

This type of content is used to analyze products and services. The content contains surveys, comparison posts, buyer’s guides, and case studies.

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Use SEO Key Words

SEO is a strategy that helps you in using the right keywords in your content. If you are not integrating SEO keywords into your content, then you will not get any engagements no matter how good your content is.
SEO keywords should be incorporated in all the main headings, first paragraph, last paragraph, and in the middle of content.
You can use keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner or UberSuggest, to find the relevant keywords.

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Standout Amongst Competitors

If you want to stand out amongst the crowd, then you have to be better than them. To create better content then everyone else, you have to dig into research and craft an insightful content.

When you are talking about a certain topic, make sure that you have all the information so that you can write properly. Structure your content so that it is easier for the users to read and understand. You can use Elementor to add content boxes, tables, and more. To make your content attractive, you can use videos, pictures, images, quotes, and other attractive elements. Be authentic, be clear, and write with confidence!

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Promote your Content

It has been observed that people spend 80% on writing content and 20% on promoting it. It is very important to create content, and more important is to promote it. There are various ways to promote content. You can share the content on social media or send newsletters, but that’s not enough.
There are some other tips that can help you in promoting the content:

Community promotion – Share your content in related likenesses and groups on Facebook, Slack, and other places.
Reddit and Quora – You can get a ton of traffic by using these platforms.
Influencer promotion – Influencers play an important role in promoting the content, and you have to find a relevant influencer to take help from.

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Update the Old Articles.

It is not easy to rewrite old articles, but you have kept the content updated. You can add the latest information to the relative topic, add images, videos, and more to keep the content up to date. This will help you in increasing the traffic, getting more views, and brand awareness.

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Content creation is one of the best strategies to keep your business successful and on the go. Content marketing is the best tactic to reach the targetted audience without getting into any hassle. However, companies fail to understand the importance of content and how to use it accurately. In this article, we have talked about all the important tips and tricks to promote your content and target the right customers.

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