At Ropstam, work is not just limited to the office. We believe in promoting a fun and healthy work environment, which is why we organize engaging activities inside and outside our workplace. Come and experience the lively atmosphere at Ropstam!

Ropstam Events

Join the Fun at Ropstam: Boost Your Performance with a Healthy Work-Life Balance. Our modern office space hosts events that enhance employee well-being and create a fun atmosphere, both in and out of the office.

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Ropstam’s Annual Dinner 2023

To give employees a break from the hectic work routine, Ropstam Solutions recently conducted a fun-filled Annual Dinner. The event consisted of a host of segments that the attendees loved. From the awards distribution ceremony to the Qawwali, audiences were captivated by an array of engaging activities that kept them enthralled throughout the event. Inspirational […]

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Ropstam Premier League Event 2023
Ropstam Premier League 2023

RPL Season 3 Ropstam Solutions promotes a healthy work-life balance, and numerous extra-curricular activities are conducted. The much-awaited third season of the Ropstam Premier League was organized on the first weekend of June. The Ropstam members were divided into eight teams containing 11 members each, aiming for the prestigious trophy. These are the eight teams, […]

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Women’s Day Event 2023

From time to time, Ropstam Solutions arranges extra-curricular activities to rejuvenate and refresh employees. 8th March is globally observed as International Women’s Day. In this regard, Ropstam organized day-long activities to celebrate the amazing women in society and the workplace, as well as promote gender equality. It was a day filled with empowering messages, courageous […]

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Eid Festivities

At Ropstam Solutions, employees are highly valued, and their contributions are acknowledged in various ways. On the auspicious occasion of Eid, the Ropstam management decided to give back to its hard-working members by organizing an exquisite Eidi Distribution event. Arrangements The day at the office began with the management putting in the hard yards to […]

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Pakistan Day Celebrations At Ropstam Solutions

Introduction 23rd March is a landmark day in the history of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Every year, we commemorate the historic Lahore Resolution, which was passed on this day in 1940, as Muslims of the subcontinent found a new path on the road to independence. Keeping in mind the significance of this day, the […]

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Employee Farewell Fest

Farewell Event Goodbyes are never easy, especially when an irreplaceable member of the organization decides to bid adieu. Recently, Ropstam Solutions bid farewell to one of our respected employees, HR Executive Miss Majida Akhtar. Miss Majida’s road to success and progression to the HR office is remarkable in itself, and Ropstam organized a fitting farewell […]

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Be Part Of Ropstam

Tune in to a real-time view of the Ropstam team at work straight from our office. Get a glimpse into the daily activities of our innovative technology company, from coding and designing to meetings, events and collaborations.

Independence Day at Ropstam Solutions

Glamour, Glitz, and Greatness | Ropstam's Gala 2023 - Celebrating Milestones!

Emoji Day Celebration at Ropstam Solutions


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