At Ropstam, work is not just limited to the office. We believe in promoting a fun and healthy work environment, which is why we organize engaging activities inside and outside our workplace. Come and experience the lively atmosphere at Ropstam!

Ropstam Events

Join the Fun at Ropstam: Boost Your Performance with a Healthy Work-Life Balance. Our modern office space hosts events that enhance employee well-being and create a fun atmosphere, both in and out of the office.

Miss Shadab Farewell
Employee Farewell Ceremony

Farewell Function Ropstam Solutions treats its employees like family members. Therefore, when a valuable member of our community, Miss Shadab Khan, the Project Coordinator, opted to bid us adieu, a fitting farewell party was organized to recognize her services. The event commenced with the recorded video messages of several employees paying homage to the outgoing […]

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orange day 2023
Orange Day Event

Malta Fiesta Ropstam Solutions hosted a joyful Orange Day event as we know occasions and events bring joy to our lives and Ropstam values its employees so the management decided to engage employees in fun-filled activities, give them a break from their daily work routine, and create a relaxed work environment. On the 31st of […]

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new year celebrations 2023
New Year Event

NEW YEAR EVENT For many individuals, the New Year is a phenomenal chance to begin new ventures and to start from scratch on everything that has occurred in the earlier year. Many people set new year goals and spectacularly celebrate the new year. Keeping in mind all the emotions attached to the new year, Ropstam […]

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costume day at ropstam solutions
Costume Day

Events and activities give people chance to connect with each other, so Ropstam decided to organize a fun event for its employees on 1st of November 2022, “COSTUME DAY” Everyone was super excited for this event as it involved out of the box thinking for their attire, some wanted to dress up like their favorite fictional […]

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suhail baby boy main pic
Employee’s Baby Boy Birth Celebration!

As Ropstam is the second home to all the employees, we make sure to cherish their moments together, so they feel connected as a family. On 11th October Ropstam family celebrated the birth of Suhail’s son. Becoming a father is the most special and pure feeling and it changes a person’s life in every possible […]

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trip to Ayubia 2022
Trip To Ayubia

“We live in a wonderful world full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharlal Nehru Ropstam management decided to wind down the work routine and planned a one-day trip to Nathia Gali & Ayubia. Everyone welcomed […]

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Be Part Of Ropstam

Tune in to a real-time view of the Ropstam team at work straight from our office. Get a glimpse into the daily activities of our innovative technology company, from coding and designing to meetings, events and collaborations.

Independence Day at Ropstam Solutions

Glamour, Glitz, and Greatness | Ropstam's Gala 2023 - Celebrating Milestones!

Emoji Day Celebration at Ropstam Solutions


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