How to Get Testimonials and Reviews With a Small Customer Base

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Blogs

Your company would have a much better chance of attracting new clients and establishing initial confidence if you have even a few eloquent, glowing testimonials. And if you’re a well-known company with a few thousand (or more) loyal customers, gathering the testimonials you’ll need shouldn’t be demanding.

However, testimonials are a more difficult problem to solve if your business is just getting started or if your client base is limited. At this point in your growth, how can you get better testimonials?

Why Testimonials Are So Important 

Let’s start with a briefer on why testimonials are so important for new companies. 

Social proof. Testimonials may be used to build social evidence. In other words, you may use testimonials as a persuasion method to persuade someone new to work for your brand. People are instinctively suspicious of ads and promotional material because it is seen as potentially misleading. Social evidence is robust because it is genuine.

A testimonial from a real client, on the other hand, is without any effort and seen as genuine.

Customer dependence.  The majority of modern consumers base their buying decisions on testimonials and feedback. They want some credible proof that their purchase will be worthwhile before they part with their hard-earned cash. Testimonials suit the bill, and they’ve become so famous that people expect them.

Conversion utility.   Testimonials are beneficial because they almost always increase your conversion rate when featured and built into your website. Using them at the bottom of a critical landing page or next to a call to action (CTA) on one of your most relevant pages will significantly boost your conversion rate.

The Early Stage Problem 

As we’ve observed, testimonials are an effective way to attract new clients. You’ll have a self-sustaining engine that will supply you with new testimonial content forever if every testimonial you get leads to the acquisition of 100 new customers. Even 1% of those customers leave recent testimonials. However, you won’t be able to bootstrap this in the early stages of your company’s growth. There will be few if any, clients and no testimonials to deal with.

To combat this problem, you’ll need to cultivate testimonials from your early-stage customer base precisely.

Can You Write Testimonials Yourself? 

You may be wondering if it’s worth it and tries to compose the testimonials yourself at this stage. You can make up a customer’s name and say whatever you want about your business. This method, however, is not recommended. The aim of collecting and displaying testimonials is to increase customer confidence. If the testimonial is dubious, or if it has been proved to be fake, people will be less likely to believe you.

Provide Excellent Service to Your Earliest Customers

The most effective technique you may use is to offer exceptional service to your first customers. If you meet your customers’ expectations, they would undoubtedly go out of their way to compliment you – and to help you find new customers in the future.

Ask Directly 

You could get some testimonials naturally once you’ve worked with a few customers and started to build a digital footprint for your brand. However, you’ll almost certainly have to ask for them.

  • Make sure you briefly recap the nature of your relationship.
  • Make sure to frame the situation in a positive light. 
  • Finally, when requesting a testimonial, be concise and clear. Something along the lines of, “We’re hoping to expand our consumer base in the coming months, and to do so, we’ll need testimonials from past customers.”

Get Active on Social Media

Participate in social media. With ongoing content posts, comment boards, and general responsiveness, your brand should be working to attract new followers and engage your current audience. You’ll be able to reach out to your fans in a way that helps you draw more testimonials once you’ve reached critical mass.


Many tactics can improve the chances of getting testimonials from loyal customers. A few can specifically get you testimonials – regardless of how many or how few customers you have. If those testimonials are in place and working with your company, you’ll be able to expand your customer base and never have to think about this form of early-stage growth again.

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