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Psychology says that orange creates feelings of freshness, excitement, and warmth. As orange color makes an energy boost, many brands use orange as their brand color. Orange is one of the colors which has the same-named fruit too. Every fruit has its season and comes along with its multiple benefits. People majorly complain about being lazy and low in energy nowadays, well oranges are high in vitamin C, which boosts immunity and strength.

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The smell and vibe of oranges relieve stress. To relax from the stressful workload of work, Ropstam decided to celebrate MALTA FIESTA. A day full of fun games and many oranges as oranges is like life, a tiny sweet little sour.

Malta Fiesta was celebrated on the 2nd of March 2022; the day started off the usual routine.

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The celebration began at 2 pm; everyone was gathered up in the conference room after lunch. We firstly celebrated the birthdays of our four fellows collogues Zain ul Abideen ( UI/UX Designer), Nouman Mushtaq (WordPress Developer), Adil Sattar(React Native Developer), and Abdul Aziz( Flutter Developer). Everyone wished them good birthday wishes and then went to the dining area to enjoy the oranges.

There were three different varieties of oranges: kinnow,mousammi, and red blood.

Everyone sat all together, did a good chit chat and ate a lot of oranges. We most of the times forget the importance of fruits and vitamin intake and this was a good day where everyone enjoyed having oranges.

We had a few games planned out and gave orange theme baskets to the winners. 1st game was to eat one orange; whoever ate it first would be the winner. Four employees participated in the game, and Muhammad Waqas, our wordpress developer, won the game.

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2nd game was a small race between two of our employees. They had to reach first to the finish line with an orange placed on a spoon in their mouth. Zain ul Abideen, our UI/UX Designer, won the game.

3rd game was to peel off the orange peel without breaking it; two employees participated, and Majida, our front desk manager, won the game.

It was an enjoyable day; everyone enjoyed it, and we thank Ropstam and its managers for managing such events to keep the employees engaged and fresh.


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