Social Media Ideas that Startups Must Follow in 2021

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Blogs

Social media is a weapon of mass marketing. Social media is a powerful tool that every brand must utilize to rule the digital world. All the brands that we see today have such unique social media feeds. You might be wondering how do you come with such unique social media ideas. This question has been bugging you. We have got it covered for you. We have mentioned simple, yet unique ideas to keep your social media feeds updated and fresh in today’s blog. 

Channelize the Power Of Micro-Influencers

Approaching industry influencers is an effective way to promote your products among a target audience. However, most of them charge a hefty amount for a single Instagram post or tweet. As planning for a startup, you don’t have such an amount reserved for your marketing campaign. This is where micro-influencers come to their rescue. 

Some people have a following of between ten thousand and one hundred thousand people. Their fan base, on the other hand, is even more devoted. Since their followers are more engaged, their conversion rate is much higher. These micro-influencers have a much more intimate relationship with their followers.

One of the many brilliant social media ideas is to get micro-influencers to use your goods and sell them to their followers. You can still share their posts on your page that feature your product to give it a new look and fill it with real-life people using it.

Personalize the Feed With Selfies or Videos

While most brands choose to keep their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter professional, adding a personal touch is a great way to communicate with your fans on a more personal level. You can add your pictures or videos in addition to product photos, ad copies, and other products. Make sure your videos don’t go overboard, even though you’re making them. They should be well-balanced with your company profile while also giving your social media presence a breath of fresh air.

Regram, Retweet, And Share What Inspires You

With all of your product photos and videos, your brand’s social media page might become too cluttered. Allow your audience to take a breather by posting content created by others every now and then. It would not only be different for the followers, but it would also reduce the efforts.

All you have to do now is find some inspiring quotes to post on your profile. You can reshare something on social media that encourages you, whether it’s industry news, a meaningful tweet, or something else entirely. Not only that, but you can also search and share posts from people who have tagged you on social media.

Don’t be afraid to regram (reprogram), retweet, repin, or reshare other people’s material. Also, double-check that you’ve given proper credit to the original author. Using the “re” spin, you can break up the monotony of your posts and devote some time to something more innovative.

Co-Marketing Goes a Long Way

Collaboration with another well-known brand is a perfect way to boost the company’s social media profile. There are various brands in your area that are trying to add versatility to their social media pages. Co-marketing allows you to save time and money by reaching out to a larger audience.

Get Your Followers to Generate Content

You may not need to announce such a large-scale initiative as a startup. To generate material, simply give away some freebies, a monthly membership, or something similar to your followers. Encourage your fans to create content for you and share it on your social media channels. This would not only give your feed a new look, but it would also help to establish confidence that people are using your product.

On an Ending Note

It’s a two-edged sword when it comes to social media. It will help you develop immense brand loyalty in a short period. Simultaneously, a minor miscommunication will immediately damage their feelings, resulting in public relations nightmares.

To keep churning out new content on social media without placing too much pressure on content creators, Your brand’s feed must stay active. Make sure that you are regular with posting. Plan and have a social media calendar in place. Make sure your feed never dies and is consistently offering some content to keep your brand alive in their memory.

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