Technology Advancements in Next Ten Years

by | Jul 3, 2020 | Blogs

We are living in an exciting time where science and technology are taking over our lives. Each day we come across something new and unique regarding technology. The technology is becoming a very normal part of our daily routine, and we can’t get rid of it. We are observing new inventions from the past couple of years, and these advancements are not coming slow. In the upcoming years, we are going to witness the unimaginable and unseen use of technology that even a glimpse of it is enough to leave us out of words.

Technology is so awesome that it can be upgraded and keep getting advanced without any limitations. Technology never lets us get bored as it keeps on changing and bringing new and exciting features always. As we innovate, our ability to innovate keeps getting increased, and this is what keep the technology alive. We have already seen so many technological advancements in the past ten years, and we are here to experience more. So, let’s find out the amazing tech innovations that are going to come in the upcoming ten years.


Biotechnology takes the tech industry to another level by allowing bio and technology together. It enables people without fingers to have sufficiently operative hands that can pick up and handle fragile objects. It is completely controlled by the mind and needs no surgery. Touch Bionics, the organization that creates the Pro Digits hand, can install the hand complete with “living skin,” a plastic covering resembling human skin, for under $50,000.

This technology gives us an idea of how technology is going to take over the medical industry. Maybe we can use artificial machine organs without the need for organ donors. Well, if it happens then, it would be a great help to humanity.

Let’s find out more about this technology via this short video by Singapore Nie:

Driverless cars

Some 1.2 million people worldwide lose their lives in car accidents every year. Experiments so far have revealed that driverless vehicles are very safe and should significantly decrease motor collisions. In fact, if all the vehicles on a motorway were driverless and networked, apparently, no accident should happen. Furthermore, algorithms would ensure that you’d get the best traffic flow potential as scientific functions would anticipate what speed a car should go near to one another such that the whole column would move forward at maximum speed.

This technology was already launched in the UK in 2019, and it was a great success. Now tech professionals are thinking to feature this innovation in all upcoming cars. So, by the year 2030, we all will be traveling with driverless cars.


Cryptocurrencies are not only limited to digital money.

Cryptocurrencies are created by supercomputers that solve a complicated set of algorithms and rely on decentralized, peer-to-peer networks. While these were just a trend a few years ago, things are a lot more critical now. Soon after Bitcoin’s invention, one user paid 10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas. That same amount of bitcoin would be worth about $8 million a few short years later. Today, they’re worth around $63 million.

In upcoming years we will see that most of the online transactions are taking place with cryptos. Moreover, there will be businesses that will only operate with digital money. So, we can accept that cryptocurrency will be our medium of trading on online platforms in future years.

3D printing

A 3D printer holds every slice (or 2D image) of your virtual object and continues to build the object, combining each layer with no sign of the layering visible, resulting in a single 3D object. It’s not precisely new. Companies, particularly in the R&D or automotive industry, have been practicing 3D printers to create molds and prototypes for more than two decades. What’s new is how this technology has reached to the ordinary people. Now, you can purchase a conventional 3D printer for less than $600. Including it, you can print spare parts for your broken devices, make art, and do various other things.

Take a look at this cool technology that is very well explained by Mashable:

Digital libraries for 3D parts are developing quickly, and soon enough, you should be able to print whatever you require. The technology itself is also progressing. We’ve observed 3D printed homes, cars, or ears, and this is just the start. Scientists assume they can ultimately 3D print working organs that are custom made for each patient, saving millions of lives each year.

Mars Colony

At the start of 2018, NASA’s mighty Space Launch System rocket became functional, experimenting with innovative space research facilities, like a planned human-crewed landing on an asteroid in 2025. Human missions to Mars will rely on Orion and an unfolded version of SLS that will be the most powerful launch vehicle ever flown. Surely, NASA will fly astronauts to Mars sometime during the 2030s. Well, we can just wish good luck to the Martians for handling humans in the future.

Check out this interesting demonstration of Mars Colonization by the amazing Tech Vision:

Wireless Electricity

In the future, wireless electricity will be available to anyone — as easy as WiFi is today. Your Cell phones will charge in your pocket as you roam around, televisions will flash with no wires connected, and electric cars will refuel while resting on the road. The technology is now in place. What is needed is a vast infrastructure leap. Basically, wirelessly charged tools require cooperating with the charging stations, which involves a lot of force from both the charging suppliers and the device manufacturers.

Bottom Line:

So, in this article, we have discussed mind-blowing technological advancements that are going to take place in the next ten years. We will see how these advancements change our life completely. The new innovations are surely going to help humans in easing out their lives and making daily routine effortless. However, it can also have some adverse effects such as loss of jobs, an increase in laziness, and dependabilities on technology.

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