The Biggest Obstacles Faced by New Programmers

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Blogs

Programming can be a productive and rewarding skill to develop, no matter what your goals are. You might want to launch a startup tech company or building your app or tech product. Moreover, you can be interested in using your programming skills in a more personal capacity. For instance, you can apply your programming skills to automate various aspects of your life; however, if you are the one 

who is new to this world of programming, then you might face significant obstacles.

Jumping Into Projects That Are Already Started

The first and starting problem you may face is the difficulty of jumping into projects that other people have already started. And this can be more difficult if they had years of work behind them. 

You’ll get to call all the shots if you launch a project of your own. You will have an idea of how to outline the project, abstractly think of it, which programming language to use, and how to code the product’s core features.

If you are jumping into someone else’s work, you have to face different layers of challenges. As a newbie, you have to learn everything there is to know about the project from scratch. It would help if you remembered things like the purpose, the key features, and what has already been done. You’re also going to need to see the product from another person’s eyes to get a feel for what they felt when they coded it.

The best and the easiest way to resolve this obstacle is to stay as patient and as proactive as possible. Talk to the people who coded before you on the particular project to make sense of the things they were doing throughout their journey.

Dealing With Compatibility Issues

It can be challenging to deal with compatibility issues and code on a project that simultaneously needs to work on many different platforms. 

For instance, if you want to launch a mobile app on Android and iOS, two very different sets of app requirements need to be met. You will find a persistent bug that only occurs in one version of your software, meaning that you may have to restructure the code and probably make multiple changes in the future.

To make things easier for you, try to focus on one platform at the start. This may restrict your target audience based on your priorities, but it will help you offer a more refined product to your customers and save you plenty of headaches along the way.


Debugging is a natural part of the programming workflow. But sometimes, it gets hard when you are a new programmer. 

Debugging is a natural part of the programming workflow, but it can be hard to get used to if you’re a new programmer. There’s no such thing as a product with no bugs; no matter how much proactive testing you have done, almost every piece of software launches with bugs. You’ll need to find and fix those bugs if you want to develop the product and keep it safe, and both phases of that process can be confusing.

Being able to reproduce the problem is the secret to success. If the conditions that caused the bug to occur can be repeated, you can get a clear idea of the measures taken to correct the bug. To find out more, you’ll have to work with the person or individuals who mentioned it.

Keeping Up With New Tech Changes

Things keep changing in the programming world, but few languages are just the same as before and are in use by programmers for very long. Anyone who is always trying to learn the basics, keeping up with the latest updates, the newest technology, and the latest trends can all be intolerable. However, if you are an involved member of a culture, it’s much simpler.

Staying Focused and Productive

New programmers also struggle during the day to stay effective. If you’re working on something complicated, you can’t just pump out a never-ending stream of code. And you might end up making significantly more mistakes if you’re not focused, which would then increase your workload when debugging.

So, it is essential to stay focused and have a productivity strategy in place. 


These concerns are going to diminish in significance as you get more experienced as a programmer. For example, you will still have a bit of trouble jumping into a project that someone else started, but you will build management and coping mechanisms that help you push through in time. Some of them will never go away entirely.


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