Time Management Tips for Project Managers

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Blogs

In an increasingly connected world, we can easily get distracted during work and distraction can pull us away from completing our work on time. And for project managers that have multiple projects to focus on this can be tricky, as shifting from one task to another they might not be sure if they are on right track and using their time efficiently. 

Time is golden these days in every organization. Here are some tips that will help you with some realistic solutions to managing your time in an efficient way and getting your projects to be completed on time. 

Keep a tight schedule

Make a list of priorities for your busy week. Make an effort to prioritize your tasks, consider your goals, and involve your team in meeting those goals you are struggling with. Moreover, make an extra effort in deciding what your priorities are and what is the order.  

In addition to that, consider employee capacity too and make sure that every team member is putting efforts in meeting the deadlines and completing their tasks effectively. 

In order to ensure that no challenges are the product of a lack of project clarity, your strategy should provide daily goals that everyone will accomplish and a vision for the project.

Separating urgent and important tasks

When setting your priority list consider that old saying “not everything that is urgent is important and not everything that is important is urgent”. A good idea is to follow this advice. 

Everything that is important includes completing the project on time, your team meet deadlines, completing projects on a budget. These are the ones urgent on day one. On the other hand, completing the report that you’ve been asked today is more urgent as it is happening now. 

As time goes on, these topics are complex and likely to shift from significant to urgent, and the trick is to determine precisely what should be focused on and when. Leaving critical tasks too close to the deadline produces a highly critical, highly urgent task that can lead to pressure points that are otherwise avoidable.

Turn off alerts

Another important tip for project managers is something they should share with their team members too. Try to turn off the alerts on your computers and to check emails only at scheduled times. Replying to emails is one of the biggest distraction at work. Therefore the best thing to do is to turn them off and schedule half an hour during your day to reply to emails. You will notice that you are now able to work more efficiently. 

Effective communication and collaboration

The successful completion of any project relies on effective communication and collaboration among team members. Make sure to achieve this you have correct software in place. Don’t expect team members to work without having the right software. It is your duty to choose software to make it easy for you and your team members to collaborate effectively. 

It will also help you with time management and when there are some projects that are falling behind, you will be able to quickly find out and you will be able to put steps in place to fix this as soon as possible.

Use templates

Do as little work as practicable from scratch. Documents and template schedules will help you save time creating project assets. You may have some for your project management office that you can use or ask your colleagues. Project training courses and manuals also provide knowledge that can be modified for use in the workplace.

Learn from your mistakes

Project management is all about learning. with every new project to carry out, you need to keep in mind the mistakes you made in the previous projects. Not only this, but you should not be afraid to use historical data to shape potential conclusions. Historical data is a good way to evaluate how long such activities would take in order for you to plan them respectively. 



Hopefully, when it comes to time management for any project that you are working on in the future, you can now feel more prepared. Nevertheless, you should be able to achieve time management success as long as you learn from errors you make and you follow the tips that have been listed.

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