Tips to Consider When Planning to Reopen Your Business After COVID-19 Pandemic

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Blogs

While the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic still looms over us. Companies need to prepare for a time when they can reopen. 

Some countries are planning to restart their economies to stop more losses. But several factors make this task difficult for many companies.

Safety guidelines differ from state to state. So the companies with multiple locations across the country need to stay updated with the various guidelines. 

Today’s business leaders are rightly concentrating on the major challenges of business continuity presented by COVID-19. They must ensure that workers are as protected as possible.

Employers would need to come up with comprehensive strategies to keep employees and team members secure as companies continue to open up. Use these guidelines to make it easy to return to work. 

Team members confidence

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to assure the safety of employees working in a company.

As an HR officer and company CEO, it is your responsibility to keep the working environment safe for all the employees.

Take all the necessary precautions to keep both staff and customers safe.

Mention instructions to follow

Make a set of rules and instructions visible to everyone coming to the office. Like limit handshaking, closed meeting spaces, keeping a 6 feet distance, and avoid hugging. 

Just because you are allowed to get back to business does not mean you can just believe that the virus does not exist. Even after opening up, you will need to maintain social distancing norms.

Moreover make sure your employees follow the same. As a result, you will need to prepare the office and structure it in a way that employees feel comfortable and safe entering this space.

The best thing you can do is to list down these instructions and place them on your company’s noticeboard. Make sure all the employees have a clear understanding of the instructions listed. 

Encourage no item sharing 

Limit exposure to shared items or objects like pens, pencils, erasers, etc. All the things that can be assigned to individual workers and not shared. 

Make sure that each and everyone focuses on using his things rather than asking from someone. 

Create proper hand sanitizing stations

Invest in safety equipment for both the workers and patrons. Hand sanitizers should be kept on everyone’s table. They must be there in the meeting room, kitchen, and any other official places. Like placing them in reception or close to the areas where everyone is working or sitting. 

Limit the number of people in a closed room

Limit the number of people coming to a small room. Maintain social distancing and don’t overcrowd the room or area.

Address a few people at once and then you can call the rest of the remaining members and address them accordingly. 

Keep the atmosphere and environment clean

Make sure the office boy cleans the office on a daily basis. cleaning is the most important thing we have to do.

Cleaning everyone’s desk and desktops are essential to stop this virus from spreading. everything should be cleaned on a daily basis just to make sure employees’ safety. 

Create appropriate face mask rules

Putting on a face mask while coming to the office or going out of the office should be made mandatory.

And make sure everyone is wearing a mask in the office hours.


While the majority of countries and companies are still very much in the crisis management process of COVID-19.

Some companies are already exploring how, when they emerge from the other side, they can put themselves on the right trajectory for growth. Although prioritizing the well-being of workers and the continuity of operation, they review whether their plans remain fit for purpose.

The world right now is still in turmoil. What’s more, a massive social, economic, and technological change has sparked this turmoil that is playing out before our eyes. Clearly, after the worst of the recession has passed, we will not return to our old ways of living, working, or doing business. Tomorrow is sure to be very different, which is why today we must begin to reframe the future.



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