5 Smart Reasons to Choose iOS App Development Over Android



Android and iOS app development has always been a hot topic among smartphone enthusiasts and app development companies, but are there reasons to choose iOS mobile app development over Android, or is it all hue and cry for nothing?

If the cutthroat competition to attract more users wasn’t enough, the statistics always become the bane of both operating systems manufacturers. With the rise in mobile gaming and cryptocurrency trends, experts have seen a massive surge in iOS app downloads over Android counterparts, despite some being paid versions. 

It is no wonder that in the last quarter of 2021 (Q3 2021), top iOS app development companies producing cryptocurrency platforms on the App Store gain up to 46 million downloads. Similarly, the gaming apps generated a whopping $116 billion (every 68 cents for a dollar) for the gaming industry. The supremacy of iOS apps, whether native or hybrid, as a choice among users and developers alike is never better showcased than how great they are doing in the face of a changing tech trend. 

iOS App Prominent Features

It is not a hidden secret that iOS devices have gained massive popularity around the globe, and all of that is for concrete reasons. These include:

  • Seamless interface: no lag or stutter
  • Outstanding performance: speed and agility
  • High security
  • Appealing functionalities which are not available to Android users

Even with all the critically acclaimed benefits of custom iOS app development, some experts still argue that Android OS fares well. They do have a point; it can never be one operating system is better than the other in all aspects. However, there are some key features native to iOS and the way iOS app development undergoes, which makes it the star champion of users and critics alike. 

5 Smart Reasons Developers Prefer iOS Apps

We have seen how some features make iOS a better contender, but how many other ways can iOS triumph over Android apps? Here is a list of some of the intelligent reasons top iOS development companies are utilizing to maintain that hegemony. 

Robustness of iOS Apps

For any application to work at its best, it needs infrastructure, just like cloud-based applications developed with AWS or other platforms. Unlike any hand-held gadget operating system, iOS stands out amongst all of them regarding its advanced and robust infrastructure and environment. It makes up a very plausible cause for users looking for a chic experience to opt for Apple products. 

Any app developed for iOS gets complete support and functionalities, which makes it easier to adapt to the surroundings of the operating system and processors.

Hardware Acceleration

Another time-tested feature of using Apple products is that you do not have to compromise on the hardware quality of an iOS device. Compared to Android devices, they are marketed to mid-range and low-end phones, making their hardware material cheaper than iOS running devices. 

And the functioning of an application dramatically depends on the hardware of the platform or OS. This makes sense to invest in an iOS application to increase the investment in Android.

Business Development 

Android applications produce under 10% of aggregate money spent on making it, which isn’t beneficial for a business. Due to its high demand and trendsetter quality, iOS has become a top priority for leading experts, department heads, and general administrators. These are the individuals who can pay more on in-app transactions. 

This push makes your chances of getting noticed by a potential client double the times it would take on an Android ecosystem. In addition, your users will have to use the in-app transaction features at one point, given the structure of iOS apps. When your customers spend extra on-app transactions, it’s a win-win opportunity for you.


While comparing iPhone and Android apps based on security, the iPhone has firmware and software security unmatched in the tech world. Any business would want their data to be secured as a top-notch priority. In the Android environment, it is a considerable security risk. Every year, Google has to delete thousands of Play Store apps potentially malicious or supporting a nefarious agenda. 

iOS app development incorporates a data handling system that measures duplicate data and the loss of security due to data encryption. 

iOS App Test Preparation Time

Apple has hardly 20+ mobile devices in the market. It releases just one update every year to its existing OS. It results in a considerable reduction in the testing time and proposes a faster time to market for iOS applications. 

With a small variety of devices and iOS versions, developers can early create and test the app and add benefits to a business or app development company. It releases only one update to its existing operating system every year. The testing time is reduced considerably, and iOS applications are sold faster with optimum focus on tools. It is one of the significant advantages of iOS app development.


Utilizing iOS applications and the iOS app development process can lead an organization towards solid accounts with higher income and expanded ROI. The scalable iOS apps can cater to investment-worthy clients and increase the reach of businesses with enhanced value.

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