Celebrating the Birth of Employees’ Baby Boys

Celebrating the Birth of Employees’ Baby Boys

by | 13-03-2024


Ropstam believes that our team is our extended family, and every milestone deserves to be celebrated. We’re overflowing with joy to announce the birth of two adorable baby boys of our employees, Muhammad Usama and Musaddiq Khan, bringing double the happiness to our Ropstam family. This blog encompasses the heartwarming moments as we celebrated these joyous occasions with delighted and proud fathers.

Celebrating joy with the Ropstam Family

As soon as the announcements were made, our Islamabad office was brimming with joy and excitement, and everyone raced to offer congratulations to the new fathers. Continuing the tradition of Ropstam, special arrangements were made as the office was decorated in anticipation of upcoming events celebrating the new members of the extended Ropstam Family. Soon, the respective team members joined the fun as the event formally kickstarted in the presence of our Manager of Operations, Sir Amjad Mahmood.

Celebrating joy with RopstamCelebrating joy with the Ropstam Family

Awarding Customized Gifts

As a token of appreciation for their hard work and as a symbol of love from the Ropstam management, both Usama and Musaddiq received customized gifts to make this occasion extra special for them. This heartwarming gesture signified the family-oriented culture at Ropstsam Solution, where every team member is treated like a family member.

The smiles on the faces of Usama and Musaddiq as the celebrations came to a close reminded us how sharing joy with others can bring peace and happiness to all of our lives.

Awarding Customized Gifts


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