Is Coding Really an End-All Skill for an Automated World?

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The next big trend is automation, and the advantages of this new technology have time and again shown themselves. However, this has contributed to some uncertainty about how the workforce would have to adapt to meet this new technological environment’s needs. This also leads to the question, is it a requisite skill to code? Or are we able to do without it?

At first glance, coding appears to be the most useful ability to help people create applications and tools to meet the current automation needs. But the coding is not for everyone then. In such a scenario, what happens? There aren’t any other options? In this blog, we are going to explain a few questions related to coding. 

What is automation?

Automation is the technology, processes, programs, and robotics that ensure that business goals are met according to the minimum human intervention. Automation of tasks is 

Automation is the technology, processes, programs, or robotics that can ensure that business goals are met with minimum human intervention. Automation of tasks is undertaken to achieve maximum efficiency, speed, and productivity while reducing problems and errors to a minimum.

In the future, the capacity to develop and construct will be of the utmost importance. Employees will be in demand who can reskill and upskill themselves with appropriate skills, and automation can be the trigger that in the future may lead to a whole new set of skills needed. Nevertheless, that leads to the question-is coding in an automated world a necessary skill?

What is coding?

Coding is an ability that can allow individuals to build software, websites, apps, etc. For all, there has been a big wave of motivation to learn to code. As part of their school curriculum, countries around the world have begun teaching children necessary coding skills. Since code and programming seem to be the foundation of our world of technology, it seems imperative that people learn how to code. 

It is possible to get confused with so many distinct coding languages and choices. Learning a new coding language, complete with new words, syntax, grammar, and rules, is close to learning a whole new language. Without the aptitude for coding or a programming context, this can be challenging for people. Moreover, coding is an important skill. Maybe not everyone has the opportunity to do so. There are several reasons why it would not be feasible for many people to learn how to code:

Coding is complicated

Learning how to code allows people to learn a whole new vocabulary in coding. This can become boring and exhausting for some if people are not used to sitting in front of the screen for long periods and concentrating on writing endless code lines. If you’re learning it on your own, coding can also take a lot of time to learn, and coding boot camps can be costly.

Coding is simply a tool

Coding languages are simply tools for the development of apps and programs that achieve a given objective. In the long run, merely learning a coding language will not be helpful if your problem-solving skills are not simultaneously developed. Coding is a tool that can help people use specific coding languages to solve problems, so they learn to understand and understand the issue in a way that can be solved.

The coding world is ever-changing

Those who have learned how to code in the past may have promised to encode languages such as FORTRAN or PASCAL. Still, in recent years, newer languages such as Python and JavaScript have succeeded in these languages. There are continuous development and creativity in the coding world. If a person learns coding as a secondary skill while holding on to a full-time job, keeping up with constant coding can become stressful.

Coding is not an end-all skill

Definitely, coding is a valuable skill to have. It’s not, though, an end-all ability that will make all other skills obsolete. Coding is a tool that can help convert features into a language of coding that computers can use to build applications or websites. 

However, if the website or application has a specific topic like gardening or beauty, experts in the gardening and beauty fields will become indispensable. These experts will have insights and knowledge that won’t be available anywhere else. Experts with domain knowledge will be vital in the future, especially with AI coming up. 


Coding is a valuable skill in an automated world, and programmers and developers need to remain informed and knowledgeable about various coding languages. Coding might not be for everybody, however, and that’s where solutions such as no-code and low-code come in to address the question of ‘Is coding a skill needed?’

Such solutions can also help companies reduce their IT team’s load and allow their other employees to build applications and websites using low-code platforms without code.


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