10 Best Languages for Mobile App Development of 2024

Best Languages for Mobile App Development in 2023

There is nothing unexpected that the interest in mobile applications has been on a consistent ascent since the cell phone was developed. Additionally, the justification for what reason you’ll find many mobile application advancement organizations in your territory.

With a few mobile programming languages to browse, you need to think about various variables, geniuses, and cons, as well as the language, prior to settling on your choice to fabricate the most famous mobile application. Whenever you’ve picked the best mobile programming language and constructed a business application, you step into the promoting stage, which requests a set-up of best-showcasing applications to increase your improvement endeavors.

In this article, the top mobile application programming languages will assist you with picking the best rapidly and kick you off with your mobile application.

Best Languages for Mobile App Development in 2024

Having an idea of all the popular languages is a good practice before you begin to develop an app. Here are the top 10 languages for mobile application development for developers to try in 2024:

  1. JavaScript (JS)
  2. Python
  3. Kotlin
  4. Dart
  5. C++
  6. PHP
  7. Swift
  8. Java
  9. HTML 5
  10. SQL



JavaScript is best for cross-platform application improvement, portable applications utilized for different platforms, and web perusing. It easily runs in different conditions beyond programs and can be gathered from a wide cluster of programming languages. In this way, my decision in favor of the best programming language is JavaScript.

JavaScript Features

  • A lightweight, platform-free, and model-based language.
  • Upholds dynamic composing an item arranged programming.
  • Can approve client information and client-side computations.
  • Has implicit date and time capabilities.

JavaScript Pros

  • Adaptable and Flexible language and can be utilized in numerous ways through Node.js
  • Quicker on the client-side perusing and needn’t bother with to be gathered.
  • simple and direct to control.

JavaScript Cons

  • Is powerless and can be taken advantage of for noxious reasons now and again.
  • You can experience some program support issues at times.
  • Waiter side scripts generally give a similar result, and client-side is a piece capricious.



A generally acknowledged programming language, Python is utilized for creating web applications, work area applications, media devices, AI, and network servers; from there, the sky is the limit. Instances of Python are YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. The language gives incredible library support, a powerful mix, and upgraded control capacities. Python is the best language.

Python Features

  • Guarantees fast application improvement.
  • Can “stick” existing contents with one another.
  • Has decipherable and clean code as it utilizes space.
  • Can assist with making GUIs utilizing one of the numerous standard libraries.

Python Pros

  • Quick, simple to utilize, fast to convey, simple to learn, and incredible at intelligibility.
  • Undeniable level programming language utilized for examining, figuring logical and numeric information, and for programming improvement.
  • An intuitive language used to assemble versatile applications and supports GUI applications.
  • Upholds different frameworks and platforms.
  • Has gigantic arrangement of structures which programming adaptable.

Python Cons

  • Slow execution time.
  • Not that great with modern mobile application development.
  • Not a great choice for memory-intensive tasks.
  • Has some drawbacks to data access.



Supposed to be the high-level variant of Java – Kotlin is a measurably composed programming language utilized for creating current Android applications. Kotlin can possibly impact other programming languages, for example, JAVA, to make high-performing and hearty applications. Some famous applications worked in Kotlin are Trello, Evernote, Coursera, and some more.

Kotlin Features

  • An open-source programming language.
  • Lessens startup time for Android applications.
  • Has a spotless and conservative sentence structure.
  • Upholds administrator over-burdening.

Kotlin Pros

  • Perfect, brief, and insightful linguistic structure increments group effectiveness.
  • Interoperable and flexible and can, without much of a stretch, overrule the deficiencies of JAVA.
  • Has full help from Google and IDE’s establishment bundles, including Android and SDK toolbox.
  • Produces smaller, basic, and cleaner code when contrasted with JAVA.

Kotlin Cons

  • Still another dialect in the market so difficult to learn, in this way, think before you pick it.
  • Some of the time gets slower.
  • There are restricted assets for learning.



DART is a client-improved and open-source programming language zeroing in on UI, efficiency, and speed. It highlights nonconcurrent coding and is utilized on Flutter to make cross-platform applications without any problem. Aside from client-side and server-side turn of events, Dart is additionally well known for Native versatile application advancement. Google created Dart to speed up application advancement on every one of the platforms.

Dart Features

  • Upholds iterative changes and “hot reload” to follow results in a hurry.
  • Is type safe and permits both static and dynamic composing.
  • Gives an element-rich library that improves on center programming undertakings.
  • Has both without a moment to spare (JOT) and early (AOT) compilers.

Dart Pros

  • Speeds up application improvement on numerous platforms.
  • Accentuates useful and excellent turn of events.
  • Has separate compilers for both local and web platform application advancement.
  • Is not difficult to learn and has a natural sentence structure (of C).
  • An itemized depiction of elements and backing from a cordial local area.
  • Programs run quick and are steady.

Dart Cons

  • Doesn’t give a lot of significance to the backend.
  • Absence of nonexclusive and space bundles.
  • Is yet to offer local help to welcome Dart on programs.



C++ is viewed as an upstanding decision for mobile application advancement. It is a universally useful, object-situated language with conventional and low-level memory control highlights. Utilized for Android App and Native application advancement, C++ is utilized for creating games, GUI-based applications, continuous numerical reproductions, banking applications, and so on. C++ is well known for Cloud figuring applications as it can rapidly adjust to changing equipment or environments.

C++ Features

  • A convenient, significant level, and item situated programming language.
  • Straightforward and straightforward.
  • Incorporates worked in libraries to give different capabilities to the software engineers.
  • A compiler-based language that works on the speed of program execution.

C++ Pros

  • Quick and stable and has a huge pool of prepared-to-use in-constructed libraries and compilers.
  • Assuming you know C++, you can rapidly learn JAVA, C, and C#.
  • No trash specialist is running behind the scenes.
  • You can assume full command, and the application can run on any platform and exploit any equipment.

C++ Cons

  • Complex structure, little standard library.
  • Most convoluted programming language to dominate.
  • Can’t uphold trash assortment or dynamic memory allotment.
  • The item direction is very fundamental when contrasted with different languages.



PHP is one of the most proposed programming dialects for portable applications that need database access. It is an open-source language used for server-side setting up, request line coordinating, and coding applications; for the most part, used for making eCommerce applications, content-profound applications, dynamic web applications, and versatile applications. A versatile language can be really introduced into HTML or HTML5. Two or three notable sites on PHP are Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo.

PHP Features

  • An open-source, deciphered, and inexactly composed language.
  • Logs continuous access by the clients.
  • Can produce blunder messages with predefined revealing requirements.
  • Is viable with all information bases and practically all nearby servers.

PHP Pros

  • Simple to learn, is platform-autonomous, and incredibly viable with smooth coordination
  • Is superb with content-weighty applications and loads rapidly even with a sluggish web association
  • In-constructed security highlights to safeguard from complex security dangers
  • Incredible language for students, which can then assist them with learning complex program improvement rapidly

PHP Cons

  • The open-source nature of the language is promptly accessible for all to see, and consequently, bugs can be found rapidly to take advantage of its shortcoming
  • Not reasonable for enormous applications
  • Not particular and is challenging to keep up with
  • The system needs better mistake dealing.



A huge advantage in the mobile application improvement space – Swift is an open-source programming language explicitly intended to work with iOS, OS X, and iOS platforms. The language is adaptable and can undoubtedly adjust a protected programming example to add present-day highlights to any application. Quick is expressive and enjoyable to work with a prearranging language, alongside having the principal modern quality frameworks. Instances of applications created in Swift are Lyft, LinkedIn, and Hipmunk, and the sky is the limit from there.

Swift Features

  • Has an unattached IDE called Xcode.
  • Is type safe and finds minor blunders during assemblage.
  • Has local blunder taking care of usefulness.
  • Has in-fabricated memory the board procedures like programmed reference counting (ARC).

Swift Pros

  • Can execute on Cocoa and Cocoa Touch platforms
  • Requires less, little upkeep, and evades a portion of the bugs of Objective C.
  • Projects are more straightforward to scale
  • Strong, instinctive, and simple to-master programming language
  • Composing Swift code is intuitive and fun; the punctuation is expressive yet succinct.
  • Has different elements for a consistent and safe plan yet delivers lightning-quick programming

Swift Cons

  • Still at a starting stage and can be viewed as for the improvement of weighty applications
  • Thought about a temperamental language as its new on the lookout and necessities customary updates



Java is an Android advancement – an object-arranged programming language. With in-fabricated open-source libraries promptly accessible for clients to look over, JAVA is not difficult to deal with and offers the best documentation and local area support. With JAVA’s dynamic range of elements, you can foster the best cross-platform applications, Android applications, games, server applications, installed space, and websites, and that’s only a small part of the features of JAVA.

Java Features

  • A server-side programming language.
  • Is ordered and deciphered.
  • Is free of platforms and conditions, meaning structural impartial.
  • Guarantees security of projects with access modifiers and virtual machine sandbox.

Java Pros

  • Well known for code reusability and movability
  • JAVA codes can run in various conditions, virtual machines, programs, and various platforms
  • Shields engineers against issues innate in local code, memory spills, and so on.
  • Adaptable, flexible, convenient, and platform-autonomous programming language
  • Unequivocal connection point, rearranged, and machine-free language

Java Cons

  • A few bugs might happen while running JAVA in a virtual machine – JVM
  • Ineffectively composed class libraries and complex punctuation at times
  • Complex executions because of unfortunate trash assortment



Is it true that you want to assemble web-fronted applications or area-based applications for mobile gadgets? Then, at that point, the fifth adaptation of HyperText Markup Language – HTML 5 is an optimal choice for you. It’s anything but a programming language; however, a markup language that utilizations labels to construct and present the substance on the webpage. The most recent updates of HTML 5 feature excellent highlights like media components, multi-platform usefulness for various projects, and speedy market sending. Instances of HTML 5 are Google Docs and Google Drive.

HTML 5 Features

  • Upholds illustrations, improving the utilization of Adobe Flash while making websites.
  • Incorporates predefined labels to show header and footer data, photographs, inscriptions, and other comparable components.
  • Has killed utilizing the “type” characteristic for contents and connections.
  • Upholds various labels and media components to show content.

HTML 5 Pros

  • new elements and norms as of now arise
  • In-constructed capacity to help rich media designs like sound and video
  • Stacks quicker utilizing nearby capacity or store
  • Has CANVAS components utilized for inserting applications in view of geolocations, dynamic designs, disconnected/web-based games, and activities

HTML 5 Cons

  • An immense measure of coding is expected for every platform
  • Doesn’t uphold old rendition or frameworks, causing a retrogressive similarity issue
  • It requires a more drawn-out investment to foster a mobile application as every platform requires its coding
  • In the event of customization or adding highlights, HTML5 changes the code, and the devices of iOS and Android goes behind the authority SDK



SQL represents the Structured Query Language utilized for evaluating, imparting, and controlling the standard information base for most applications. SQL is intended to satisfy explicit guidelines, both ANSI and ISO, and there is broad help for both on a local area and undertaking level. Strength – Relational information model and referential honesty between information, information inquiry, information control, and information access control. With obvious guidelines, SQL is generally utilized in business knowledge device platforms.

SQL Features

  • Is wealthy in information definition and control orders (DDL and DML).
  • Gives vertical versatility to information bases.
  • Encodes information to guarantee security and validation.
  • Is seller autonomous, making it simple to move to start with one merchant and then onto the next.

SQL Pros

  • Strong and one of the most well-known question languages
  • Optimized for an enormous number of table lines and supports various information base decisions
  • Can deal with countless exchanges in a solitary question
  • Quick for recovering information, searching, and questioning information from various tables
  • High accessibility and consistency of information

SQL Cons

  • Trouble in connecting; complex to add a couple of lines in the middle between
  • A predefined and firm information model
  • Can be hard to change over information from objects into data set tables
  • In an upward direction, adaptable. It can run on one server, so assuming that speed increment, equipment should be overhauled.

Why Do You Need to Know the Basics of Mobile App Development Languages?

Programming languages are quite a problem, except if you know the essentials. Each programming language has its structure blocks, which assist in sprouting software engineers with gaining the language without any preparation.

App development languages are no exemption. They are, obviously, exceptional, yet the key to breaking these languages remains similar; you need to gain proficiency with the fundamentals.

Plus, numerous mobile app development languages look like and are even in view of languages like C and C++, something you have known for quite a while now. Consequently, learning app development languages can be simple and tomfoolery on the off chance that you have dominated these languages.

Which is the Best Programming Language for Mobile Apps?

There are a few programming languages for various kinds of undertakings. Picking the right language for the mobile app is not quite the same as picking one to learn. The right determination yields arrangements that are succinct, simple to code, simple to scale, and simple to troubleshoot and fix.

Frequently individuals will let you know that there is no decision and that all languages are equivalent and are created to satisfy a specific reason. Nonetheless, it very well may be very confounding in the event that you are new in the mobile development field and need data about programming languages.

In this way, the accompanying elements could, at any point, assist you with picking the best language without any problem:

  1. The designated platform.
  2. Elasticity of the language.
  3. The chance to create.
  4. Performance, backing, and the local area.
  5. The reason to construct the app.
  6. Efficiencies of the software engineer.

Expressiveness, execution, dependability, idiosyncrasies, and highlights of each are significant to consider before you decide to work with a particular programming language. You might discover a few languages are a preferred fit for projects over others; for instance, in the event that you are expecting to make a game, an object-situated programming language would be a more natural decision.

Types of Mobile Apps

One can choose a language for application improvement in view of the kind of application you are developing apps, native and hybrid apps.

You fabricate Native apps for a solitary stage utilizing its particular language. So apps that are well defined for Android or iOS are native. You can code these apps in their upheld language, as it were. For instance, Java is obviously the best language for Android application improvement, and Swift is famous for coding iOS apps.

Crossover apps consolidate the elements of both native and web apps. You code your application in one language; however, it can run on numerous stages. Instagram, for instance, is a crossover application that sudden spikes in demand for different programs and working frameworks like Android, iOS, and Windows. JavaScript is the best programming language for mobile apps working for Android and iOS, and even PWAs (Progressive Web Applications).


There are consistent advancements in programming languages. A few languages, for example, JAVA and JavaScript, have procured an everlasting spot in the rundown, though different languages like Kotlin and R have ascended at an extraordinary speed and have come to the rundown of the most famous programming languages.

With a rundown of inquiries to pose, elements to consider, and the above-recorded upsides and downsides, we are certain you can settle on a reasonable choice in regard to which language to pick. All things considered, picking the right mobile programming language will assist you with developing deft mobile apps that will climate the progressions in future business needs.

Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? Jump into the bare essential of the programming language, pick the best and gift your business the most required mobile application to arrive at a more significant mass.


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