20 Best Shopify Apps & Tools to Stay Ahead of Competitors in 2024

Best Shopify Tools
These Shopify Apps Can Set The Stage of Your Online Store's Success

In today’s day and age, online shopping has garnered unprecedented popularity. The inundation of e-commerce sites means that if you are new in this field, your online store needs extraordinary features to compete with others. While there isn’t much technical prowess necessary for a Shopify developer, there are a multitude of handful apps that can make your ecommerce store stand out from the rest.

While it is possible to run an e-commerce store without any external tool, you might run into problems from time to time. But with a lot of options easily accessible, the question is which are the best Shopify apps to make your e-commerce website visually attractive and appealing as well as effortless to maintain? Let’s find out.

Top 20 Shopify Apps to Help Developers and Store Owners

Given that there are so many categories and types ranging from SEO apps to apps for choosing varying themes, selecting the best ones to optimize your ecommerce store can turn out to be a major headache.

Lucky for you, here I have compiled a list of some of the most useful tools that can turn your small eCommerce website into a hugely successful one.

Category Shopify Apps
SEO Plugin SEO

Avada SEO


Marketing Omnisend



AI Analytics & Ad Tracking


Themes TaskHusky


Image Resizer Pixc

VF Image Resizer + Compressor

SEO Image Optimizer Wizard

Customer Review Yotpo

SMPS Google Customer Reviews


Order Tracking Parcel Panel Order Tracking
Push Notifications PushOwl



Logo Designing Hatchful


SEO Apps

1) Plugin SEO

Plugin SEO is a comprehensive Shopify app designed to enhance your store’s search engine visibility. By providing automated checks for common SEO issues, tailored improvement advice, and an integrated keyword tool, this widely utilized application makes SEO management efficient and effective.

Key Features of Plugin SEO

  • Automated SEO issue detection
  • Personalized improvement recommendations
  • Integrated keyword research tool
  • Broken link management
  • SEO performance tracking and reporting

2) Avada SEO

Avada SEO is another powerful Shopify tool that optimizes your store’s meta tags, alt text, and sitemap. With its user-friendly interface and automatic ‘Google structured data’ feature, it significantly boosts your store’s search engine ranking. Another notable feature of this tool is its ability to perform Mobile SEO.

Key Features of Avada SEO

  • Meta tag and alt text optimization
  • Automatic Google structured data
  • Sitemap creation and management
  • SEO-friendly URL management
  • Mobile SEO

3) SEOAnt

SEOAnt is a robust Shopify SEO tool that drives organic traffic to your store. Offering features like SEO analytics, competitor analysis, and automatic SEO optimization, it provides an easy-to-use platform for monitoring and improving your store’s SEO performance.

Key Features of SEOAnt

  • Comprehensive SEO analytics
  • Competitor SEO analysis
  • Automatic SEO optimization
  • Keyword tracking
  • Detailed SEO reporting

Marketing Apps

4) Omnisend

Omnisend is a multifaceted marketing automation platform for Shopify stores. It boasts rich features including – but not limited to – email marketing, SMS, push notifications, and more, all within a single platform. With its focus on omnichannel marketing, it helps businesses reach customers through their preferred communication channels.

Key Features of Omnisend

  • Omnichannel marketing automation
  • Advanced email marketing tools
  • SMS and push notification capabilities
  • Customer segmentation and personalization
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting

5) Attentive

Attentive is a mobile messaging platform offering personalized text messaging services. It enables Shopify business owners to engage customers directly on their mobile devices, enabling strong customer relationships and boosting conversion rates of your sales.

Key Features of Attentive

  • Personalized text messaging
  • Segmentation and targeting capabilities
  • Automated messaging sequences
  • Robust performance tracking
  • A/B testing for message optimization

6) Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a powerful marketing automation tool that leverages data to create personalized email and SMS marketing campaigns. This app is renowned for its deep integration with Shopify, allowing businesses to leverage their store data for effective customer engagement.

Key Features of Klaviyo

  • Data-driven email and SMS marketing
  • Deep Shopify integration
  • Personalized marketing automation
  • Advanced segmentation and targeting
  • Robust analytics and reporting

7) AI Analytics & Ad Tracking

This is another useful marketing app that uses artificial intelligence to track ad performance and provide actionable insights. It helps Shopify businesses optimize their marketing strategies based on accurate, real-time data, to enhance their reputation and ultimately increase revenue.

Key Features of AI Analytics & Ad Tracking

  • AI-powered ad performance tracking
  • Real-time analytics and insights
  • Ad campaign optimization tools
  • ROI tracking and analysis
  • Integration with major ad platforms

Shopify Theme Apps

8) TaskHusky

TaskHusky is a service platform that provides custom Shopify theme development and modifications. It helps Shopify businesses tailor their store’s appearance to their unique brand and requirements, significantly improving user experience and conversion rates.

Key Features of TaskHusky

  • Custom theme development and modification
  • User experience optimization
  • Responsive design for mobile compatibility
  • Speed optimization for enhanced performance
  • Dedicated project management and support

9) ThemeForest

ThemeForest is a marketplace for premium Shopify themes. With a vast collection of professionally designed themes, it allows Shopify store owners to easily find and install themes as per their business needs and aesthetic preferences.

Key Features of ThemeForest

  • Extensive collection of premium themes
  • User-friendly search and filter options
  • Regular updates for purchased themes
  • Detailed theme documentation and support
  • User ratings and reviews for informed decision-making

Image Resizer Apps

10) Pixc

Pixc is a popular image editing tool for Shopify that specializes in product photo editing. It empowers businesses to create professional-quality images that impress customers and enhance product listings, with features like background removal, resizing, and optimization.

Key Features of Pixc

  • Professional product photo editing
  • Background removal and replacement
  • Image resizing and optimization
  • Bulk image editing capabilities
  • Quick turnaround times

11) VF Image Resizer + Compressor

A powerful and adulated two-in-one tool, VF Image Resizer + Compressor is an integrated Shopify tool designed to optimize your store’s images. It resizes and compresses images without compromising on quality, ensuring your site loads quickly and offers a smooth browsing experience.

Key Features of VF Image Resizer + Compressor

  • Image resizing and compression
  • Maintains image quality
  • Bulk image processing
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Improves page load speed

12) SEO Image Optimizer Wizard

This tool helps improve your store’s SEO by optimizing images for search engines. It automatically adds alt text and file names to images, boosting your store’s visibility on image search results.

Key Features of SEO Image Optimizer Wizard

  • Automatic alt text and file name addition
  • Image optimization for SEO
  • Bulk image processing
  • Alt text templates for easy customization
  • Regular optimization updates

Customer Review Apps

13) Yotpo

Yotpo is a powerful customer review app for Shopify. It allows businesses to collect, manage, and even showcase customer reviews, photos, and Q&As to build trust and increase conversions. This tool also offers advanced moderation and customization options to gain customer feedback.

Key Features of Yotpo

  • Collection of reviews, photos, and Q&As
  • Advanced moderation and customization
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Analytics for review performance
  • Loyalty and referral program capabilities

14) SMPS Google Customer Reviews

SMPS Google Customer Reviews is a tool that enables Shopify stores to collect and display reviews from the Google Customer Reviews program. By providing authentic Google reviews, it helps businesses boost credibility, improve SEO, and significantly increase customer trust.

Key Features of SMPS Google Customer Reviews

  • Integration with the Google Customer Reviews program
  • Automatic collection of customer reviews
  • Display of Google Seller Ratings
  • Enhances SEO with rich snippet stars
  • Compatibility with all Shopify themes

Order Tracking Apps

15) Parcel Panel Order Tracking

An indispensable Shopify application, this tool empowers merchants to provide a superior post-purchase experience through real-time order tracking and delivery updates. It integrates with over 600+ carriers globally to enable automated tracking across regions.

With Parcel Panel, merchants can reduce logistics costs, customer support tickets, and cart abandonment by keeping buyers informed.

Key Features of Parcel Order Tracking

  • Real-time order tracking
  • Support for over 600+ carriers worldwide
  • Automated delivery updates
  • Customizable tracking page
  • Multi-language support

16) Malomo

Malomo is a powerful shipping solutions platform built to transform mundane delivery tracking into engaging, branded customer experiences that drive retention. It enables Shopify stores to apply their brand identity across the entire post-purchase journey – from high-touch tracking updates to personalized post-delivery engagements. By harboring relationships long after the sale, Malomo helps turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

Key Features of Malomo

  • Customizable, branded tracking experiences
  • Post-purchase customer engagement
  • Real-time shipment updates
  • Analytics and insights on tracking engagement
  • Integration with major carriers

Push Notifications

17) PushOwl

It is a famed Shopify tool that enables businesses to send web push notifications to customers. It offers a range of features, from abandoned cart reminders to back-in-stock alerts, helping businesses increase engagement and recover lost sales.

Key Features of PushOwl

  • Web push notifications
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Back-in-stock alerts
  • Promotional notifications
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting

18) Hextom

Hextom offers a suite of marketing automation features, including push notifications to facilitate online business owners. Not to mention that it allows businesses to automate various marketing tasks, engage customers effectively, and drive more sales to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Key Features of Hextom

  • Marketing automation
  • Web push notifications
  • Email marketing capabilities
  • Customizable notification templates
  • Advanced segmentation and targeting

19) Firepush

A famous all-in-one marketing automation platform, Firepush includes push notifications in order to keep users engaged and active. It helps businesses engage customers across multiple channels, including web push, email, and SMS, boosting customer retention and sales.

Key Features of Firepush

  • Multichannel marketing automation
  • Web push notifications
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Real-time analytics and reporting

Logo Designing

20) Hatchful

Hatchful is a powerful Shopify-integrated tool that makes beautiful, on-brand logo designs effortlessly accessible to merchants through complete customizability. Powered by machine learning, it enables anyone to intuitively create stunning logos in minutes by tweaking layouts, icons, fonts, color palettes, and more.

Moreover, Hatchful provides complete creative control while eliminating the need for advanced graphic design expertise through its smart templates and recommendations engine.

Key Features of Hatchful

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop logo creator interface
  • AI-powered design recommendations
  • 10,000+ icon combinations
  • Complete font & color control
  • One-click downloads of all file formats

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What are Shopify Apps?

Shopify apps are a collection of tools, plugins, and integrations that extend the functionality of the Shopify ecommerce framework, significantly enhancing its capacity to build, manage, and grow online stores. They cover a wide range of functions, from inventory management and shipping automation to customer relationship management and search engine optimization.

Why are Shopify Apps important for Store Development?

While it may sound easy on paper, developing and managing an ecommerce store is a daunting and laborious task. From checkout to payments, manually managing each and every task might prove remarkably hectic. This is why you need certain applications to simplify and accelerate certain aspects of possible operations of the ecommerce store.

Types of Shopify Apps to Consider

The importance of Shopify apps stems from their ability to accelerate and optimize numerous aspects of e-commerce operations. For instance, SEO-focused Shopify apps like Plug in SEO and SEO Booster help optimize store content for search engines, drawing more organic traffic to your online store and consequently increasing your revenue.

Inventory management tools like Stocky allow for efficient tracking of stock levels, avoiding out-of-stock situations and lost sales. Similarly, customer review tools like Yotpo enhance customer trust by showcasing real reviews and ratings from customers.

Types of Shopify Tools

Furthermore, Shopify tools can provide crucial analytics and insights. Tools like Google Analytics and Shopify Reports collect valuable data about customer behavior, sales trends, and website performance, enabling businesses to refine their strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

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Why choose Ropstam Solutions for your next Shopify project?

With the growing trend of online shopping, Shopify business owners need to harness the power of integrated apps to stay one step ahead of their direct competitors. While it may sound obvious, such Shopify applications can go a long way in the success of your online store. With so many choices, however; it is important to carefully identify the tool as per your requirements and the scope of your project.

Choosing the right Shopify development team with the expertise in the ideal tech stack is paramount for increasing the revenue of your online business. At Ropstam Solutions, we have a dedicated team of Shopify experts boasting years of experience in developing ecommerce stores incorporated with integrated applications.

With more than a decade of experience in the field of software development, our Shopify experts have an impeccable record in the region. If you are looking forward to joining hands with us, contact us now.

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How do I maximize Shopify?

  • Retarget past visitors
  • Leverage the power of paid advertisement
  • Limit the number of shopping cart abandonment
  • Personalize shopping experience for different users

How to do ecommerce SEO?

By utilizing integrated Shopify tools like Plugin SEO and Avada SEO, you can improve the ranking of your online store, increasing the number of sales.

How profitable is Shopify?

As per the recent data, the average annual revenue generated by a Shopify store exceeds $1,50,000.

How many companies use Shopify?

Currently, Shopify is powering more than 4 million e-commerce websites on the internet.

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