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wordpress development best practices
Best Practices for WordPress Development – A Complete Guide

WordPress is currently one of the most renowned content management systems (CMS) in the world. It has gained significant popularity in the realm of website development, powering more than 40% of the websites on the internet. WordPress also holds over 60% of the CMS market, enabling the creation of impressive websites without coding expertise. This […]

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showit vs wordpress
Showit vs WordPress – Honest Detailed Comparison

In today’s day and age of technological advancements, website development is one of the most important fields to be pursued. There are millions of organizations worldwide that are seeking talented web developers as well as the latest platforms for crafting innovative sites. When we talk about top website builders, there are tens of options available. […]

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all about wordpress 6.3
WordPress 6.3 Details – Upcoming Major Changes and Features

WordPress is set to release the 6.3 version in August officially. In order to give the users a glimpse of the upcoming version, the WordPress development team has launched the beta version of version 6.3. WordPress 6.3 Beta 2 – there was no Beta 1 because of technical issues – is publicly available for downloading […]

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Popular WordPress plugin 2023 blog main pic
5 Most Popular WordPress Plugins To Use In 2024

The WordPress plugin directory consists of more than 50,000 plugins. With such a wide range of plugins available, it can sometimes become difficult to select the right plugins for the development of an attractive and interactive website. Given that WordPress powers 39.5% of all websites, it is of great significance to identify the commonly used […]

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What Went Wrong With WordPress 6.2.1?

Introduction WordPress is one of the most sought-after Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. Known for its versatility and customization, WordPress releases new updates from time to time to introduce new features, resolve any bugs and deal with vulnerabilities. The platform’s most recent update, version 6.2.1, however, created a host of new problems for […]

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WordPress Discontinues Twitter API Support

Introduction WordPress, a widely used website creation platform, has ended its support for the Twitter API amid a sudden price hike. Soon after Elon Musk-owned company announced that it will no longer allow other platforms to share content on Twitter free of cost, a host of tech giants ended their support for this API. WordPress […]

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