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WordPress Pugin Vulnerability Puts Millions Of Websites At Risk

Elementor Pro is a famous plugin which is running on more than 11 million WordPress sites at the moment. This plugin allows developers to create exquisite websites, enabling a handful of features. In a shocking revelation, it has been discovered that there is an extremely critical vulnerability in Elementor Pro which allows perpetrators to gain […]

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10 common WordPress errors and how to fix them
10 Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them (2024)

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, WordPress sites face errors and occasionally fail. Such failures can cause damage to the brand image and seriously hurt your credibility. Therefore, as a WordPress developer, it is crucial to note down some of the most common WordPress errors that are most likely to occur. Prior understanding of WordPress errors […]

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WordPress Page Loading Speed Hacks
6 Simple WordPress Page Loading Speed Hacks that Work

WordPress is an excellent platform for all WordPress Developers. One drawback is that it can be relatively slow most of the time. Without maintaining it properly, you could end up with a sluggish site. Not only is this a pain for repeat visitors, but it will also cause you to lose clients and subscribers. We’ll cover all […]

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Top 3 WordPress Challenges Faced by Developers in 2024

WordPress can be a great exposure medium for bloggers and entrepreneurs, making the websites built on the platform the current king of the internet. For many business runners, especially small businesses, there is not much time to set up and maintain a functional website. Professional help and guidance from a WordPress developer is the best […]

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5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A WordPress Developer

WordPress will always have a space at the top of content management system (CMS) discussion. A software that takes care of your content for websites or blogs and provides you options to customize the appearance of it all for the front end.  So, if it has features anyone can use or master, why do software […]

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