All You Need To Know About Flutter 3.10

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Google has launched the latest version of the highly popular framework Flutter as well as the accompanying programming language Dart. Flutter 3.10 has introduced a host of new features and improvements in the UI, while the much-awaited Dart 3 comes with 100% null safety.

Let’s get to business and find out all the details about Flutter 3.10.

Improvements In Web Application Development

As per the official documentation, web apps in the latest release will load faster as the size of the icons has been reduced, and the unused icons will also be ignored. To provide better graphical effects, web apps will now support Fragment Shaders. To further enhance the performance of web apps, Flutter 3.10 allows developers to use a custom CanvasKit named “flavor” in Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers to reduce the size of apps.

Introduction Of New Widgets

The introduction of Material 3 means new components, themes, and visuals. To utilize these changes, set the “useMaterial3” flag to true in the MaterialApp theme. A demo app is available online to visualize these latest Material components in real time.

To enhance the UI of the app, Flutter 3.10 also supports updated NavigationBar and NavigationDrawer, which offer more aesthetically pleasing color combinations and graphics, even though their functionality is the same. To visualize these changes, go to the official Flutter documentation.

Tab Bar is one of the widely used multi-purpose widgets in Flutter, and Material 3 comes with built-in support for a secondary Tab Bar, meaning that developers now have the option of creating two-tiered tab bars. This enhances the UI, allowing the users to choose options from more than one row.

The upgraded DatePicker and TimePicker widgets in Flutter 3.10 have updated colors, layouts, and shapes. Similarly, new gestures have been added to the TextField widget in Material 3. Double-click and triple-click gestures can now perform specific actions, unlike the previous versions.

Wireless Debugging

Now, you can debug the iOS versions of Flutter apps without using a cable. Flutter 3.10 allows developers the option of hot reloading and hot restarting their apps without physically connecting the iPhone to the MacBook. All you have to do is pair your device with the MacBook in Xcode, and you are good to go.

Null Safety

Every Flutter developer is familiar with this concept – null safety is a fundamental principle of the Dart language. Now, in Dart 3.0, null safety is enabled by default, and to use null values, one has to allocate a null value to any variable explicitly. Null Safety is not restricted to just variables – as per a report, 99% of the packages on the package manager support null safety. If you are using a package that doesn’t use null safety, your application will fail to compile. To get out of the pickle, you have to use the latest version of that package, which supports null safety.

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Flutter has introduced its latest version, 3.7, which supports various features to enhance the UI of the apps and improve the performance of web apps. Meanwhile, Dart 3.0 ensures 100% null safety, forcing developers to adhere to the principles of null safety.

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