10 Best Coding Apps for Learning Python in 2023

by | 31-07-2023

In the current digital era, coding skills have gained enormous significance. With the ever-increasing number of software companies, the demand for skilled developers is at an all-time high. Besides its advantages in the professional world, coding is also a hobby for many enthusiasts.

Coding, however, is more complicated than it sounds, and the complexity level can be overwhelming, especially for beginners in this field. Luckily, various sites and applications can help you master a particular programming language.

In this article, you will learn about the best apps for learning and coding in Python language from basic to advanced levels.

What is Python?

Python is a high-level programming language developers use to build custom websites and softwares. Since Python is a general-purpose language, you can utilize it to create various programs and softwares. Python is used in various fields, including data analysis and machine learning, web development, automation and scripting, and software testing, etc. The language has various useful functions that can help developers in completing their tasks in no time.

It is the fourth most popular programming language, according to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2022. The participants also revealed that they utilize Python in almost 50% of their development work.

Similarly, 18% of the developers who weren’t leveraging Python claimed that they plan on using it in the future. Python’s immense popularity can be attributed to its being both a high-level and general-purpose programming language. It requires various editors and IDEs to write and run code.

Why Python?

Now that you know what Python is, it’s time to evaluate the advantages of this versatile language for computer programming and other purposes.

  • Versatility: Python is a versatile language suitable for various applications like web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • Readability: Python’s simple and clean syntax makes it easy to read and understand, enhancing collaboration among developers.
  • Large Community: Python has a vast community of developers, providing extensive support, libraries, and resources.
  • Cross-platform: It is compatible with major operating systems, making it easy to run code across different platforms.
  • Productivity: Python’s concise syntax allows developers to accomplish more with fewer lines of code, boosting productivity.
  • Extensive Libraries: Python boasts a rich collection of libraries for various tasks, reducing the need to build functionalities from scratch.
  • Integration Capabilities: Python seamlessly integrates with other languages and technologies, enhancing its overall usefulness.
  • Scalability: Python is well-suited for both small-scale projects and large-scale applications, offering scalability.
  • Easy Learning Curve: Python’s beginner-friendly nature makes it accessible to new developers and learners.
  • Career Opportunities: Its growing popularity has led to high demand for Python developers, creating ample job opportunities in the tech industry.

10 Best Coding/Programming Applications for Learning Python Language

When it comes to Best coding apps to learn Python, there are various options out there but we have chosen the ones that are most suitable for beginners and are easy-to-learn. The language is great for web app development and that is why it is crucial for developers to learn and write code in python. This section will explore some of the best mobile and web apps for learning Python language:

  • SoloLearn
  • Mimo
  • Datacamp
  • Learn Python
  • Programming Hub
  • Programming Hero
  • QPython
  • Python Programming App
  • GrassHopper
  • Enki

1) SoloLearn

SoloLearn is an extremely popular platform for learning coding on the go. It is an invaluable mobile application that suits your programming needs and guides beginners and intermediate learners to excel in this field. It introduced three new Python courses not long ago to attract more users.

This mobile application is available for both Android and iOS users. Beginners can leverage this application to master not only Python language but learn other programming skills as well. It is widely regarded as the best coding application for learning Python in 2023.

Platform: Android, iOS


2) Mimo

Another well-designed application for learning Python, it explains the fundamental concepts with easy-to-understand examples. Mimo not only offers a certificate at the completion of a course but also has a built-in compiler to run your code on to go and help.

Platform: Android, iOS

3) DataCamp

DataCamp is an online learning platform boasting hundreds of coding courses and 14 certification programs. It provides a hands-on learning experience with real-time code compilation capability and the latest examples. This application lets you learn Python and also excel in other programming languages like R, MySQL, and Spark.

Platform: Android, iOS

4) Learn Python

Many experts consider it the best app for learning Python from beginner to intermediate stage. Although it is accessible only by Android users, this famed mobile application encompasses basic tutorials and detailed lessons on Python, data types, control structures, functional programming, loops, etc.

Platform: Android

5) Programming Hub

Another popular mobile application for learning to code, Programming Hub offers a host of courses ranging from various programming languages to software engineering. Experts highly recommend this app for data science, machine learning, and Python enthusiasts.

Platform: Android, iOS

6) Programming Hero

Programming Hero provides a unique learning experience with a gamified application and a well-designed and attractive interface. Some programming languages you can excel in using this platform include Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Remarkably, the learning experience that this app provides is project-based, where you learn a new language while creating a game. The courses also cover basic training that guides you from the beginner stage to becoming a job-ready professional.

Platform: Android. iOS

7) QPython

One of the best apps for learning Python coding in 2023, QPython is a Python engine that guides enthusiasts from beginner to expert stage. Some of the features of this renowned platform are a Python interpreter, QPYI, SL4A, and a runtime environment.

This application is available only for Android users and is rated highly on the Google Play Store.

Platform: Android

8) Python Programming App

Another valuable coding application, Python Programming App, has been developed specifically for Python learners and enthusiasts, as the name suggests. The latest update has incorporated more than 100 new coding questions to prepare learners for job interviews. Moreover, this platform is free of cost and includes no hidden costs.

Platform: Android, iOS

9) GrassHopper

GrassHoppper is one of the best apps for learning Python language in 2023. Developed by Google, this application’s Android and iOS versions are available for new learners. This platform is not only free of cost but also allocates certificates on the completion of courses.

This application covers the basics of Python and other generic concepts like variables, data types, conditional statements, and loops.

Platform: Android, iOS

10) Enki

Enki is a popular choice for both beginners and intermediate-level programmers. This application helps users in learning JavaScript, Python, SQL, Java, Git, etc. One of the best apps for learning Python coding in 2023, you can use Enki to expand your skills in an already-learned language or learn new coding languages.

Platform: Android, iOS

5 Free Websites to Practice Python

Are you looking for free resources to sharpen your practice skills? In this digital age, numerous online resources offer free opportunities to practice Python and enhance your coding prowess. These websites serve as virtual playgrounds, providing hands-on experience and interactive challenges to boost your Python proficiency.

  1. Codecademy: Codecademy is a popular platform that offers an interactive Python course for beginners. With step-by-step guidance and real-time coding exercises, learners can grasp Python fundamentals while gaining practical knowledge.
  2. HackerRank: As a leading coding platform, HackerRank hosts a wide range of Python challenges, from basic syntax quizzes to complex problem-solving tasks. It enables learners to test their skills, compete with others, and unlock new levels of coding expertise.
  3. edX: edX collaborates with reputable universities and organizations to offer Python courses for learners of all levels. With free access to course materials, quizzes, and coding projects, edX empowers individuals to explore Python’s versatility and applications.
  4. Coursera: Coursera offers a plethora of Python courses taught by experienced instructors. Learners can engage in hands-on coding projects, collaborate with peers, and receive valuable feedback to enhance their Python proficiency.
  5. CodeCombat: CodeCombat gamifies the learning experience, making Python practice enjoyable and immersive. Through interactive games and coding challenges, users can learn Python syntax and concepts while having fun.


Python is a high-level, versatile programming language developers use to develop interactive and responsive softwares and websites including ecommerce. Some of the advantages of utilizing Python language, just like PHP, include readability, a large community of developers, versatility, scalability, and an easy learning curve. To guide the readers, this blog covered some of the best apps for learning Python coding. Some of these apps let you download sessions so that you can learn the language offline.

At Ropstam Solutions, we have a team of expert Python developers to create various softwares, APIs and websites. Over the years, we have delivered tens of Python-based products to our satisfied clients. If you want to avail our services, contact us now at +1 (866) 631-8767.


Which is the best app to learn Python for beginners?

SoloLearn is one of the most popular programming apps to master Python for Android and iOS users

Which is the best site to learn Python coding?

Udemy is an in-demand platform for advanced Python courses and tutorials

What is the best way to learn Python quickly?

CodeAcademy is one the best online sites to learn Python from scratch rapidly

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