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Muhammad Mustafa

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Microsoft New Features For Copilot Studio
Microsoft Announces New Features For Copilot Studio

With the ambition of furthering the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Microsoft is set to introduce a host of new features for its Office Suite, including but not limited to Word and Excel. The new tools and extensions come with the promise of enhancing efficiency and data management for each and every user. PowerPoint Redefined […]

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Russia Launches ChatGPT Rival

Russia’s leading lender and largest bank Sberbank has entered the AI race by publicly announcing the launch of its conversational chatbot. As per the company’s website, the AI-powered chatbot has been named GigaChat, which will directly compete with OpenAI’s viral tool ChatGPT. The app, which responds to input in the Russian language, has been released […]

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Google Introduces New Generative AI Tools for Strengthening Cyber Security

Google has launched a set of new generative AI tools to bolster the cybersecurity framework across various industries. The announcement was made at the RSA Conference held in San Francisco over four days. The AI model is aimed at addressing three crucial challenges the industry faces, which are threat overload, cumbersome tools, and the talent […]

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Google AI search engine blog main pic ropstam solutions
Google Working On Powerful AI-Powered Search Engine

Google, the most widely-used search engine globally, is reportedly working on developing an AI-based search engine. Under the project name Magi, developers and designers are focusing on updating the search engine, which will be integrated with the most advanced features. Based on a user’s search history, the search engine will learn the preferences and display […]

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Coding Mistakes Every Developer Should Avoid
8 Coding Mistakes Every Developer Should Avoid

For the past three years, software development has been the most demanding job. But many of the coders still struggle to find a good tech job. This blog is going to help you with avoiding those coding mistakes. Top 8 Coding Mistakes Every Developer Should Avoid in 2023 Here are eight mistakes listed below along […]

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