BeMyCourier: Enabling Cost-Effective Parcel Deliveries


Courier Service


> Real-time Freight Tracking
> International Cargo Delivery
> Secure Payment Option
> 24/7 Customer Support

Technology Stack

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About BeMyCourier

BeMyCourier (BMC) is a meticulously developed platform to connect parcel senders and receivers. With real-time tracking and 24/7 customer support, BeMyCourier makes your life easier by simplifying the process of freight delivery. Moreover, there is no geographical restriction when it comes to sending pertinent parcels to your loved ones; BeMyCourier enables you to send parcels to a number of countries.

The Challenge

Imagine putting yourself in a situation where you have to send a parcel to relatives in a different country and you are unable to find a reliable, trustworthy option. This is the reality because reliable platforms that provide you the option of sending and tracking your parcel in real time are few and far between. The lack of such peculiar platforms is what makes this solution a particularly challenging one.
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The Solution

A distinctive platform, BeMyCourier has revolutionized the cargo industry by enabling the rapid, swift, and facile sending and receiving of parcels to and from across the globe. Ensuring secure transportation of cargo – of any varying sizes and shapes – BeMyCourier has set a new standard in this domain. This easy-to-use app lets you track your shipment every step of the way, offering complete peace of mind and knowing exactly when your delivery will arrive.


BeMyCourier is a revolutionary cross-platform application that has been developed using the Flutter and Laravel frameworks. To bring this idea to life, the overall development cycle was divided into three distinct phases:


  1. Designing Prototypes
  2. Mobile App Development
  3. Testing and Launching
the Design


Testing &

Ropstam adopts a development approach characterized by collaboration, openness, and careful consideration.

Designing Prototypes

Designed with users in mind, BeMyCourier’s platform boasts a sleek and intuitive interface, thanks to meticulous design using Adobe XD and Figma. The wireframes prioritize seamless navigation and quick decision-making, helping investors navigate the platform with ease.

Mobile App Development

To ensure the development of the multi-platform application, the power of Flutter was leveraged. Similarly, our back-end developers utilized the Laravel framework, working in harmony with the front-end developers.

Testing and Deployment

Then, our QA team sprung into action and ensured the delivery of flawless mobile applications by identifying preventable errors and bugs.


What Was Delivered?

Android Application

iOS Application

Forget slow, unreliable deliveries. BeMyCourier turbocharges the cargo industry with lightning-fast parcel delivery. Same-day shipping? International in 24 hours? Effortless with this platform’s blazing-fast service. From fragile antiques to bulky furniture, BeMyCourier handles any size or shape with secure, worry-free transportation. Track your shipment in real time with the intuitive app. Get instant notifications and know exactly when your package arrives, for complete peace of mind. Experience the difference! Download the BeMyCourier app today and ship your parcels with confidence.
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