Best Laravel Starter Kits for Web App Developers in 2024

Best Laravel Starter Kits
Take your Web Application to the Next Level with these Laravel Starter Kits

As a PHP framework, Laravel has garnered immense mainstream adoption for building efficient web apps. For beginners, creating the first Laravel project can prove to be more strenuous than it sounds. That’s why you need to utilize Laravel starter kits to reduce the development time and enhance your skills.

With their built-in rich features and visually appealing templates, these starter kits can enable you to take your Laravel-based web application to the next level. In this blog, we have explored this topic by delineating the best Laravel starter kits that you can utilize as a Laravel developer.

What are Laravel starter kits?

Think of a starter kit as a supercharged blueprint for your Laravel project. It’s a pre-configured set of files, folders, and dependencies that lay the groundwork for your app so you can hit the ground running.

Best Laravel starter kits for your next web development project

Imagine this: you’re excited to build a new web app with Laravel, PHP’s most powerful framework. You’ve got your ideas and your skills, but where do you even start? That’s where a Laravel starter kit comes in.

A Laravel start kit got all the essentials you’d need to set up a basic Laravel app from scratch – database configurations, authentication scaffolding, user management, and more – all neatly organized and ready to customize.

But which Laravel starter kit is the best for your web app development projects? Let’s extend this debate to shine a light on some of the top, free-of-cost  starter kits every Laravel developer should be aware of:

  1. Laravel Spark
  2. Genesis
  3. Laravel Jetstream
  4. Laravel Voyager
  5. Laravel UI
  6. Laravel Starter Kit
  7. Laravel Breeze
  8. Tall Stack

1. Laravel Spark

Spark is a membership management platform built on top of Laravel. It provides a fully-featured solution for creating subscription-based services, including user registration, login, and recurring billing. While it’s not a traditional “starter kit,” Spark can provide a solid foundation for Laravel applications with complex membership requirements.

2. Genesis

This starter kit, developed by DevDojo, boasts features like authentication, a user dashboard, edit profile functionalities, and a set of UI components out of the box. It’s designed to give developers a head start on building Laravel applications with a focus on user interaction.

3. Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream is a powerful tool for building modern Laravel applications.  It provides a beautifully designed admin dashboard, BREAD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete), a media manager, and more.

Laravel Jetstream is designed by Laravel’s creators to help web application developers. It aims to streamline the development process by automating much of the boleguard code typically required for authentication and authorization.

4. Laravel Voyager

It is a useful and powerful admin panel built on top of Laravel. It provides a beautifully designed interface for managing content, users, permissions, and more. While it’s not a traditional “starter kit,” Voyager can provide a solid foundation for Laravel applications that require a robust admin panel.

5. Laravel UI

The Laravel UI is a top-notch Laravel package that provides a simple authentication scaffolding built on the Bootstrap CSS framework. It’s a lightweight option for quickly getting started with Laravel and adding user authentication to existing applications.

6. Laravel Starter Kit

Laravel Starter Kit is an open-source, free-of-cost Laravel application template that includes common features like authentication, authorization, and database management. It has been primarily designed to provide a solid foundation for building Laravel applications and can be a great starting point for beginners. 

7. Laravel Breeze

It is a minimal, simple implementation of Laravel’s authentication features. It includes login, registration, password reset, email verification, and profile management. Breeze is designed to get developers up and running quickly with Laravel’s core authentication capabilities.

8. TALL Stack

A full-stack development solution, this starter kit is used for building powerful, modern, and realistic Laravel applications. “TALL” is an acronym that stands for Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, Laravel, and Livewire. The Tailware UI kit complements the TALL Stack, providing a set of renderless components to utilize in Laravel Blade views.

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How to select the ideal Laravel starter kit?

Choosing the right Laravel Starter Kit is at the heart of a successful Laravel-based web application. To guide you in this decision-making process, here are a few factors you must consider:

1. Ease of use

The first factor to consider is the ease of use of the starter kit. As a developer, you want a kit that optimizes the setup process and allows you to focus on building your application, not battling with complex configurations itself. Look for kits that offer intuitive interfaces, clear documentation, and robust defaults.

For reference, Laravel Breeze is praised for its minimalist approach, making it easy for beginners to get started with authentication.

2. Community support

Another crucial factor is the level of community support for the starter kit. An active community means easy access to answers to common questions, troubleshooting help, and ongoing updates. Check out the kit’s official repository and look for frequent updates, responsive maintainers, and a healthy number of stars and forks. 

For example, Laravel Jetstream, with its official repository and extensive documentation, is an embodiment of strong community support.

3. Level of expertise

Consider your own level of experience with Laravel and starter kits. If you’re new to Laravel, a more hand-holding kit like Breeze or UI might be ideal. If you have more advanced Laravel skills, you might prefer a more flexible kit like Jetstream or Voyager that offers more customization options. Experienced developers might even opt for a barebones setup and build up from there.

4. Client’s requirements

Of course, the perfect starter kit depends on the specific requirements of your project. Does the kit support the features you need, like a built-in CMS or CRUD scaffolding? Is it scalable for larger applications? Check out the kit’s documentation and read about real-world projects built with it to get a sense of its capabilities. 

Voyager, for example, is great for projects needing a powerful admin panel, while Genesis is good for apps with a strong focus on UI components.

5. Choosing between multiple good options

If you’re stuck between more than one great option, consider the long-term maintainability of each kit. Look at the kit’s roadmap, the activity of its maintainers, and the size of its community. The most active and well-supported kits with the largest community support are likely to be the best investments for the future.

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Why is a Laravel starter kit so important?

Here’s the real magic of a Laravel starter kit: it lets you focus on building your web app or mobile app, not reinventing the wheel. It saves you hours of repetitive setup and configuration, giving you a head start on implementing common features and functionalities.

Think about it: instead of spending days wrestling with database migrations and authentication flows, you can dive right into the meat of your app logic. The starter kit handles the repetitive stuff for you so you can unleash your creativity and build something truly unique.

But that’s not all! A starter kit isn’t just about saving time. It also sets you up with a solid, proven foundation upon which to build. It enforces best practices, keeps your code clean and organized, and gives you a starting point that’s battle-tested by the community.

Plus, these useful starter kits are incredibly flexible. The best Laravel starter kits provide a solid core that you can customize and extend in any direction you need. Whether you’re a seasoned Laravel dev or new to the framework, these Laravel powerhouses are like having a team of experienced mentors giving you a head start.

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To streamline Laravel app development, one needs help from third-party tools as well as Laravel Starter Kits. Facilitating Laravel developers, this blog encompasses the most beneficial starter kits to give you a head start on your next web app development project.

Choosing the ideal Laravel development team forms the foundation of a successful web application. Lucky for you, Ropstam Solutions boasts an impeccable record and an impressive portfolio of web applications. Our team of Laravel developers is well-versed in leveraging the power of Laravel starter kits. To discuss your project requirements, give us a call at +1 (866) 631-8767 or send an email today at


Which Laravel starter kit is the best?

The best Laravel starter kit depends on your specific needs and level of expertise. For a simple, minimal setup with strong community support, consider Breeze or UI.

What is JetStream in Laravel?

JetStream is a powerful admin panel and dashboard generator for Laravel. It provides a beautiful, customizable interface for managing and visualizing your application’s data and operations.

Why should I use the Laravel starter kit?

Laravel starter kits provide a pre-configured foundation for your application, saving you time on initial setup. While it is not necessary to use these kits for your web application, they help simplify the development process.

Is Laravel full-stack?

Yes, Laravel is a full-stack PHP framework that includes features for databases, authentication, and more. It’s designed to handle all aspects of web development from the back-end to the front-end.

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